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5 Social Media Integration Tools That Can Help You

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Social Media Integration Tools can help you “see” and “engage” your marketplace in an easier, faster way. If you are not familiar with them, we showcase a few of them here. It will totally help the way you operate social media.

You can follow along to see how much it costs (if any), if they are available for mobile platforms, how they integrate across other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, RSS and more.

When you are engaging with social media, it’s key to make sure you connect across platforms, since your audience will be located in many places, i.e. using more than just one social network. And, if you post on Twitter, wouldn’t you want your fans on Facebook to also see what you are up to? Doing this manually is not helpful.

Social marketing integration becomes important for your own time management and overall organization.

Here are  five tools compared and reviewed next to each other.

Take a look.

This is a snapshot of the matrix put together for social media integration tools.

Click on each (blue) link to learn more about that specific tool and to test it for your own needs. Some are browser based and iPhone friendly, others work best via the web direct.

The complete social media integration tools graphic is found below

[sociallocker]What do you think? (download the complete social media chart here)[/sociallocker] NetVibes for
Cost Free for basic account. Starting at $5.99 per month for ad-free and extra features. Free for personal dashboard. Information about “enterprise options” is by request only. Free for starter account.  From $9 to $49 per month or more, depending number of accounts, brands and keywords you manage. Free Free
Mobile Platforms (may come with extra charge) iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Ketai, iPad, Formatted for iPhone, Android, iPad (not apps) None, but they say they are working on it. iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone
Works with Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, FourSquare, Mixi. Integrate weather, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Google News, web-based email and plenty more. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, Squarespace, Drupal, Flickr,, YouTube Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, FourSquare, Google Buzz, WordPress, Tumblr Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, GTalk, Yahoo Chat, FourSquare
Multiple User Access Yes, $5.99 per month account comes with 1 “team member”. Extra team members are an additional fee. Yes, Netvibes for Business No No
Tracking & Stats Yes, Netvibes for Business No No
Scheduling Updates No No
Brand Monitoring No No

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