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Help! I Need Leads But I Have No Marketing Budget (VIDEO For Beginner Marketers)

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We all had to start somewhere when launching our business.

Most of us were not born into a situation where money for marketing was just handed out. :-)

You had to learn, earn and invest what you could.

Today, online there are some great strategies that can help you be smarter about how you generate leads …and starting with a minimum budget.

But, truthfully – the concept is about either time or money (or both), right?  Time costs money too, but it’s not cash out of your wallet.

So, watch this marketing video, and learn what 4 things you can do right now to get started with a zero marketing budget.

Let’s begin with a little story and how I helped this friendly small business-owner I met at my school.

The video explains. Let’s watch this quick video together – and then, let’s break it down.

Effective steps to get more leads to your business

In summary:

  1. Audience – research & know your audience first. As detailed as you can get. What are your demographics? Psycho-graphics? Techno-graphics?
  2. Direct Response – create a website with specific headlines that speak to that audience in #1 and that have offers to inform & help (and sell)
  3. Capture – add lead forms. Get their name/email. Entice them with a valuable, free report or similar. No spamming. Then nurture.
  4. Blog – set it up today, start blogging tomorrow. Begin simple at first, share your best ideas. Become an authority for your market. Don’t over-analyze this, or you’ll never start. If you need tips, shoot me an email.

The guy loved it! He never heard so much good stuff in 5 minutes, he said. And, is it really that simple? (yes it is, and your existing clients will love it too – and refer others to your NEW direct response website when you ask. Become a marketing machine!)

What do you think?


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