How To Improve Search: Personalized Google Instant Search

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Google Instant - Live screenshotGoogle is your ultimate Big Brother.

He is always watching, listening, helping. Today, a new release of the search experience was introduced: Google Instant.

This is a way for the engine to present and predict “at the speed of type”. It displays text and data on the page as you type, and tries to predict what you are looking for. You don’t have to complete the full search until you see all the results in the page – being updated “real-time”.

It is a smarter way to aid in the search and results user experience. It was a necessary release to respond to increasing demand for search. Google believes this will change the game of search. It takes a little getting used to, perhaps – but it’s not hard.  Just make sure you have a Google account, and your’re off and running.

What are the functionalities that might help or hurt you?

Here are the new, top things to learn about Google Instant

(Summary format from today’s post on SEL).

  1. Google instant takes effect when logged into Google (account)
  2. Not available in all countries
  3. Not all browsers
  4. Only works from Google’s home page or search at top of search results page
  5. Automatically turned off with a slow internet connection
  6. It can be turned off completely
  7. Reacts to local origins (localized) – where you are located
  8. Google instant is personalized (makes sense right?)
  9. It is safe for work. Try entering “porn” or “nude”
  10. Still good for SEO (search engine optimization)
  11. Google webmaster tools will show higher impressions

What do you think? Are you liking what you see?


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