How You Can Impress Yourself With Your Facebook Advertising (Must Include These 5 Things)

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The critical 5 things before starting Facebook Advertising

Much has been written about Facebook Advertising and how to get peak performance from your efforts. (here’s one of the Top Facebook Advertising Tips. Interview with Jennifer Sheahan, Facebook Expert Extraordinaire.)

In fact, I G’d that phrase today and it returned over 2 million references (check).

However, it’s not your job to figure out which result to click and read (or scan) to find out how to improve your Facebook Advertising strategies.

You, as the entrepreneur & business owner have better things to do.

With that said, you should must know and understand what’s going on in your industry as well as what strategies, tools, and tactics work for online marketing. (Today – I define that simply as all the things you should do to attract more traffic, leads and conversions from things like SEO, Social Media, etc).

That means you must be intelligent about the content you read and take action on. In this post, I’ve included a free download, a cheat-sheet if you will – on what you must do before starting ANY Facebook Advertising campaign. It’s a smart move, since you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hazzle (and wasted ad spend).

Perhaps it’s not too surprising to know that any project requires planning.

Business owners come to me and ask for Free, Fast Traffic. I don’t engage with that conversation much, but rather – ask strategies questions around goals, timelines, cost, expectations and the why, what, why. This builds a much more intelligent conversation, and helps them decide if what they had in mind initially makes sense, etc.

We start by mapping out and clarifying the steps and milestones.

We research. We analyze. We assess and create good, better, best scenarios for outcomes. Some may go deep into business planning and SWOT analysis. While good, you don’t have to go that deep all the time. Start simple.

Before starting your Facebook Advertising it’s important to map out these areas:

  • Launch Date / Timelines
  • Advertising Goal
  • Target Audience (demographics, connections, etc)
  • Keywords (interests)
  • Budget
  • Ad Copy and Testing approach (including landing pages)
  • Results (from defined Goals)

To understand the entire spectrum of considerations and the 5 CRITICAL THINGS, download the FREE Facebook Advertising planning sheet.  It’s created so that you can fill in the blanks.

It’s an effective document. Print out several copies, and work with the team to define it in more narrow terms.

If you need help, contact FBAdslab (Jen is great!)


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