qualified to do business online

Truth Bomb: 3 Reasons You Are Not Qualified To Do Business Online

As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s easy to miss the obvious points that make you and your business great. You started your business for a good reason, didn’t you? It was not just the creating of freedom and money. No, it was more… …It was to serve and provide your user community and audience with quality…

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Rich people are better than you

Rich People Are Better Than You

How many times growing up did I wonder what rich people did to make themselves “better” than the rest? Well, plenty of times, but not at first. It didn’t start until I came to the USA. In my home country of Norway, there was little talk about money in the day-to-day. It was always about…

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aweber landing pages unbounce

How To Make a Landing Page With AWeber Email Autoresponder

How do you create a special landing page that also captures emails? The folks who asked also wanted to know about how to create auto-responders. Finally, which is the best product to use for auto-sending emails? When you are marketing online, you must drive the visitor to a specific page with your offer or message. Generic pages don’t…

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Small business failure going out of business graphic

Why Do Small Businesses Fail? (Small Business Failure Rate Statistics Infographic)

You’ve heard it before: Half of all small businesses are doomed to fail before their first year is out. You’d think this statistic would put people off of opening small companies – especially high risk ones like restaurants and retail stores – but this doesn’t seem to be the case. When it comes to functionality, the general…

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social media integration tools review

5 Social Media Integration Tools That Can Help You

Social Media Integration Tools can help you “see” and “engage” your marketplace in an easier, faster way. If you are not familiar with them, we showcase a few of them here. It will totally help the way you operate social media. You can follow along to see how much it costs (if any), if they…

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How to get google local search rankings

5 Ways To Get Top Local Search Rankings in Google

Google is the leader in search. The massive 67% ownership of the search market (comScore) shows how a business who occupies top spots in Google Search, can drive big traffic when done right.  A high authoritative and trusted website and relevant pages that Google loves will do it. That matters in local search engine optimization…

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remarketing google facebook twitter

What is ReMarketing or Retargeting?

Re-marketing is a practice that truly works to encourage a person to click on the banner ad. Google paid advertising (Google Adwords) has the ability to use the new remarketing advertising, more commonly known as retargeting. You should try it out. After it’s set up, you add a small code snippet on your page(s). Think…

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Hiring a virtual assistant online jon rognerud

Need to Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant? The Top 10 Best Places for a Virtual Assistant.

When a small business starts to see growth, a common challenge is how to manage that growth. And, especially when it comes to human resources. Hiring new staff must consider not only the talent – the skills, background and unique experience to fit that business. But, also the cost … the term “overhead” comes up.…

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PAY PER CLICK profit magnets

Why PPC Marketing Is The Profit Magnet For Your Business

When I think about the many opportunities that exist in internet marketing for brand visibility / lift, web traffic increase, search engine optimization, banner advertising, lead generation, landing page testing, content / copy testing, banner testing, funnel (e-commerce) testing, social media, customer engagement and building your email list (follow-up marketing) … and with an awesome…

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Become greater. Get Your Pages In Order.

How To Build High Converting Landing Pages And Get More Sales

Before you plan or create any special page (squeeze page, landing page) for your traffic/visitors, we need to take a few steps back. It’s important to understand the “landscape” of your marketing and your situation first. While the rules for high converting landing pages apply in *any* industry online, the mindset about how to create…

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