Selling Online in 2013 – The Number 1 Sales Strategy (Infographic)

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online-sales-strategy-infographicMost everybody in the industry agrees that people purchase (anything) based on a human emotion. Then, we justify it with logic.

We also know that there is an explicit difference between what we need versus what we want. We need air, food, shelter. But, we don’t need a new BMW or the latest fashion.

But, we WANT that!

And, this is BIG business. Sales and advertising companies and their executives know you better than you know yourself, it seems. They are playing with your emotions at every turn.

Most of the time, and if they are any good, they place emotional copy, triggers and ads in front their target audience to make you buy now, and think later. (…making a lot of money in the process, if done right).

However, when it comes to selling online – using the Internet, there is a specific sales and marketing strategy that works – every time. It’s based on emotion too, but used differently, and over time.

Review this 1 minute selling and sales strategy info-graphic. See if you agree.

Do you agree that this can work for 100% of businesses that have an online presence? The EBM framework for successful sales is where you should place your focus in 2013 and beyond.

Click for larger graphic


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