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How Small Business Lead Generation Is Done In 4 Easy Steps

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Leads and lead generation is the lifeblood of any business, online or off.  A system for client attraction must be put in place at the start of any new business. It must be continually tested. It must evolve from change and validated for positive return every step of the way.

There are many different ways to attract new clients into your business. In fact, the myriad of options that exist may actually throw you off. You test one thing, it doesn’t work – moving right on to the second, third and fourth thing. You get discouraged and claim it’s all “hype” and get down on yourself.

I’ve been there. We all have. (Talking about business owners and marketers who are responsible for lead flow).

The approach, or the model of client attraction is actually quite simple. There are only 4 steps to success, and I’ve outlined them below.

The lead generation and client attraction model principles you can use now. Just follow this sequence of events:

1. Generate the lead

Create attention through an ad, email, search query (SEO), advertisement, radio/tv spot, etc. This must not be boring and bland. It should stimulate interest, be very targeted to their need and move the person to the next level in a series of steps. (this is part of your marketing system)

2. Provide more information via website landing page or phone call-in

Create a “hunger” for your information by offering a free gift and more information from a “human grabber” or “lead magnet” (an ethical bribe in exchange for their name, email).  It has to be customized to the individual, and make sure that it matches the audience for which it is intended.

3. Lead capture

Capture their email and even full address information, and send them via email and possible (CD/DVD) shipment, the actual information. The email auto-responders start here.

4. Follow-up

Auto-responder (aweber.com) creation and build out. Build sequences that are helpful, are education-based over a series of days, weeks and months. Continue to nurture the relationship, ongoing. This is done via email, and you can present further information via audio, video. You can provide more downloads, tools, resources and helpful information.

In summary, this is a very effective model, and it’s surprising so many don’t use it. I think it’s a combination of technology phobia, and not knowing what to write – including thinking it’s somehow “spammy” – and not wanting to bug people. (You can do this without being cheesy)

You are amazing – and the value of what you provide is immense, but most business owners want instant gratification (a sale). They forget that you must provide value and information that actually helps them. It’s true for a big brand as well as the smaller businesses.

Apply these rules today, and watch your business grow!

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