Take 15 Free PPC Lessons For Google Adwords

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Google Adwords Learning Course Cert
Is Google Adwords too difficult to use? But, you need it to build your online business?

Outside of taking the time to learn (first), apply (second), stay up to date with all changes (third), and ongoing testing processes and tools (ongoing) – are you relegated to outsourcing the entire Adwords campaign management?

The new updated Adwords Certification Program may be just what you need. (And, you don’t have to get certified if you don’t want/need to)

What does the updated Adwords Training Curriculum cover?

The Google Adwords Learning Center contains all the information you’ll need in order to pass the New AdWords Certification Program Exams. Each of the sections below contains a series of text lessons related to each topic area. Visit the site for more information.

Here are the key areas of learning to consider:

  1. Introduction to AdWords
  2. AdWords Account and Campaign Basics
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  3. AdWords Ad Formats
  4. AdWords Targeting and Placements
  5. AdWords Bidding and Budgeting
  6. Policies and Ad Quality Topics
  7. AdWords Billing and Payments
  8. Display Advertising on the Google Display Network
  9. Display Advertising on YouTube
  10. AdWords Tools
  11. Performance Monitoring and Conversion Tracking
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Optimizing Performance
  14. Managing Multiple Accounts
  15. Selling and Representing AdWords

If you are unable to take the entire course, or understand all the details, you can hire a PPC expert to answer questions, or have somebody take this course, and explain the most important areas as it relates to your business. For example, you may not need details around tools, multiple account management and selling the services.

You may uniquely be interested in PPC for YouTube, and you can do a deep dive there instead.

What is your experience with Adwords? Has it become too difficult?


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