Unlock Google's Secret Local SEO Logic

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National Small Business Week Day 1

Image by ShashiBellamkonda via Flickr

Smart local marketing implementation for a small business is the difference between winning or losing in today’s market.

True, existing customers must be serviced, products developed & enhanced, and the financial and operational plans must be pursued. But, they mean nothing without the local marketing plans.

Part of this intellectual marketing strategy, and subsequent logic lies with Google. You must understand the critical pieces to local search optimization for your website and business.

And, it’s time consuming. It requires a keen eye and insights to ensure that your visibility and ranking stays in the local search listings.

Here are 10 tips to crank up your local traffic. You’ll understand what Google needs to get your online business moved upwards.

List your business in Google Places — it’s free. Watch a number of training videos and explore the features, including tools like tracking of actions (meaning how many times users showed interest in your business listing), clicks for more information on maps, driving directions or direct clicks, as well as impressions (how many times users saw your business listing as a local search result).

Read more: My Local Search Article on Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine below.


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