[VIDEO] How To Map Customer Acquisition Via Social Media

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When it comes to connecting with your audience today and for the future, UI (user interface), UX (user experience), Ad platforms and A/B testing (conversion optimization) are the solutions for your business.

It will be the way you can map customer acquisition from small business to corporate. Giving a crap, and being human is the for the businesses  who are going to win, and be relevant going forward.

And, yes – there is a difference.

For example, you may set up a social media campaign that rocks: massive followers, positive, fast trending, signups and brand awareness lifts beyond your dreams. Cheaper and better than a Super-Bowl ad at half-time. The question is: Are you just collecting versus connecting?

This video explains how the new “thank you” economy works online. I think you’ll like it.

Impressions are important to an advertiser, but emotions is the new value. It’s about creating a life-time value for your customers. WOM is the new currency, and you must consider ways to engage your brand differently than what you are currently doing.

And, learn how how the Old Spice social media campaign was totally fucked up.

What do you think? Is Gary off his rockers?


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