The Internet Road Ahead: Web 3.0 By Intel

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This is a rather short post on a broad topic for controversial Web 3.0 standards. But I was intrigued by a video of the CMO at Intel, Sean Maloney, who recently discussed Web 3.0 trends (The power of a spur of the moment interview using 2008 technology web cam!).

The changing faces of web technology may have been passing you by. But keywords such as viral campaign, video explosion, user-generated content, optimized images, electronics, software development, hardware development, network protocols, internet adoption rate, mobility, hi-def cameras (check out the powerful flip camera and get a free course on how to use it), expansion of notebook devices/functionality, global thinking and people collaboration–these are all elements of the emerging Web 3.0 world.

“Television still forms an emotional connection to many across the globe, but the next three years will see drastic changes in how users connect and interact.”

A most recent report from Morgan Stanley talks about important trends in the internet and search/social media business, and it was released only a few weeks ago.

While full of charts and not too many explanations, it is revealing to see the data, including the work that has gone into discussing usage patterns, social networking, mobile, emerging markets, video and more.

Companies such as are aiming to lead in this emerging trend, and many other opportunities exist, including people videos embedded on your website.

Download the Morgan Stanley Internet Trends Report. (pdf, 5.69mg) or read it below.


Internet trends 2008Upload a doc

Read this doc on Scribd: Internet trends 2008

Finally, you will hear folks referencing Web 3.0 as the “Semantic Web,” and further Semantic Web discussions may be found here.

Use Cases and Case Studies are also available, and warrant further reading for the interested.

So what’s the advice here? Get started with videos ( to start), a wordpress blog (mine under development), optimize your site/pages and let users and search engines know what the pages are about from keywords on the page (simple, right?). The concepts of natural, topical and non-spammy content, and metadata and titles are important, as are user-friendly designs and sound web information architectures.


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