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Jon Rognerud,Online Expert

How Can You Immediately Fix
The 'Bleeding' From Your Website?

Did you know? Most business owners I come across don't know their 'numbers'. Do YOU know what your customer or prospect is worth? 
Answer: Analyze and know your numbers. Let's use a very simple example...We'll assume a sale of $50.00 per online transaction. Your sales page receives 100 unique visitors / day. If your conversion (folks who buy) rate is 1%, you'll make $50 bucks. 
A good start, but to IMPROVE, most optimization experts would then try to tweak the conversion rate (increase to 2% - and you'd get $100, etc.). Other experts would advise you to test images, videos, study the web analytics visitor paths, bounce rates %, or just recommend getting more web traffic... 'Add more money to your Adwords budget, write more content, fix your SEO', etc. 
(I went a different route. I started asking questions like "what happened to the ones that DIDN'T BUY"... and "WHY didn't they buy in the first place?")
Through my years in the online business, I've found that THE WHAT THOSE "EXPERTS" TAUGHT ME IS NOT the best strategy to begin with. I can show you how you can double or triple revenue using a different approach. All that "tech-and-shiny-objects" stuff and hype is not your game. My approach works...and it doesn't matter if you are a large or small business. It doesn't matter if you are in the B2C or B2B markets. In other words, it works in any market. However, it wasn't straightforward to find the solution.

(Almost) Total Loserdom...What? Me?

When I began online in the summer of '96, I thought this 'Internet thing' was too simple to be worth much. 
But, as I sweat through research and learning, I noticed people launching websites... and some with pretty good success. Not wanting to fall behind, I began my quest to find the "SECRET" to their online sales success. 
Back then, the WWW ('wild-west-web') was truly that...you had to figure everything out yourself, there were NO RULES. I fell into a lot of ditches along the road and things moved very slowly, but I didn't give up.
Fast forward to today and I've built and personally worked with a lot of websites and online businesses (in finance, real-estate, healthcare, high-tech and mom-and-pops). From the excellent, high performing, bottom-line producing profit centers to the complete opposite. And, some outright horrible and with really poor business models too. 

To be honest, I made many of the same mistakes myself during those years, but I'm not afraid to admit it. Those "other" experts claim to have all the answers, but they are just out for a buck, and don't care about you. 

It seemed like most of the things I did - had a negative effect, or no impact at all. I think I'm an intelligent person, but that didn't seem to matter when it came to creating websites. There was something I was missing...

So...How Did Failing Become A Benefit?

All my mistakes and blatant failures actually helped me. How? Well...I noticed through the years - that there were patterns in the failed websites. Through thousands of hours of (hard) learning, I discovered the repeated mistakes that every business owner made. Still can't believe I didn't see it sooner.

The Web Profits Formula Emerges

To make it easy to understand and apply, I created a framework - called "The Web Profits Formula" that works nearly every time. This is the closest thing you'll get to a MAGIC BULLET, but not everybody hits a home run every time. 
However, businesses have used it and seen break-through success. It's been tested and proven. 
I've written 3 published (in bookstores now) books on the topics of website optimization and how to grow a business online. 
Not everybody needs this, however, but I think YOU can put my methods to work for you.

Who Can Benefit?

FOR YOU: If you have an existing business, responsible for profit & loss, create content, create products, marketing materials and messages, drive traffic and use websites, then this is for you. You may even have a successful business, but have not leveraged your website and online marketing fully yet. (Note: You'll get maximum benefit if you are making at least $10,000 a month in your business, and are currently advertising. But I encourage you to read on...).
NOT FOR YOU: If you are an HTML 'tech-geek' or a person working deep into software code only, this is not for you. Or, anybody into 'get rich quick' schemes or adult industries. And, not for people who don't like to take action.

You Get The 5-Step Formula for FREE

I'd like to share my formula with you today so you can move to a new level of success and profits.

And, because we are more than half-way through the year, I'm offering my (no-sales pitch) complimentary 25 minute session, where you’ll learn how to get your website profitable and maximize the traffic you already have ...for IMMEDIATE profits. 

This session will help you get clear on the direction of your website and what to do next. These step-by-step strategies can immediately be applied to your own business.

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  • We’ll work together to get crystal clear vision of the type of client or visitor that you want to attract and the type of communication that you MUST get right. (even if you already think you know)
  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your website and business profits with existing and new traffic. 
  • And, you’ll leave the session re-energized, re-newed and inspired to finally break through the noise, and get the profits and results you deserve, once and for all.

And, I’ll also give you the website profit formula and “next-step” action plan for moving your business & website into the next phase of growth.

Don't wait - the lack of information you have now may be HURTING YOU more than you realize. (And, you're probably sick and tired of too much / incorrect information already...)

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Expect Results...With Integrity


I’ve worked in many industries since I started online back in 1996, and with small business entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, real estate professionals, marketing consultants, sales experts, technologists, lawyers, CPA's, chiropractors, doctors, plastic surgeons and many others. 

I’ve likely seen your problem before, and I will show you what works. And, it doesn’t matter if you are working with a home made website, a content management system, and traffic strategies using Social Media, SEO, PPC, etc. 


This session is priceless. And, I’m opening this up TODAY - and for 10 people all month. In other words, it limited - and once they are gone, that's it! It is on a first come, first serve basis. And no, this not a "scarcity tactic".


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