If You Are Struggling With SEO, Drops In Traffic & Rankings, This Is For You:

"Finally! I Reveal How Your Website Could Be Up To 75% More Profitable With A Few Simple Tweaks"

...Even If You've Tried "Everything" And Previously Hired SEO Gurus Or So-Called Experts (That Didn't Work Out)

Jon Rognerud, SEO Expert & Author

From The SEO Desk Of Jon Rognerud
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to get your website(s) into the most Google search friendly and profitable state you've ever experienced, this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why...


Google Changes Without You Knowing

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm up to 600 times. Many are minor, but Google rolls out major changes from time to time (and you don't know when).

Being aware of these updates and how it may affect you, could save your business.

...But first:

My name is Jon Rognerud, and I am a grizzled veteran SEO expert.

I've learned through the actual doing - creating and launching hundreds of websites and apps for users and search engines.

Through my many failures (some very embarrassing!) and successes (Microsoft, Yahoo), I became a "street-fighter" of SEO.

I wrote my very first web page in HTML, summer of '96. And, after 3 books on SEO in the bookstores with a major publisher (Entrepreneur) and working with both students and clients, I've doubled and tripled traffic for businesses in both B2B and B2C markets.

I do full-time SEO.

For a living.

I'm geeky (as probably expected), and focused on human engagement, communication and metrics. (The only true result).

And, while it's been rough going at times, I can not overstate the learning as well as the pleasure I get from helping and teaching others to avoid all the mistakes.

HINT: You don't get best practices on SEO from Google, even though it appears that way at first. They don't have your best interest at heart. Their revenues come from Paid Advertising (PPC, Display).


If you are struggling with your website rankings, traffic, scared of being caught in a Google filter or penalty, wasting lots of hours each day trying to figure out your content and to optimize for sales and user engagement, I know how you feel.

Therefore... Let me ask you a question:


  • Understand and recognize when Google changes their algorithm and what to do about it?
  • Make a few powerful, but simple tweaks right now to get more quality traffic?
  • Create and even re-purpose content that immediately would get the right customers to your virtual front-door, ready to buy?
  • Get more productive with your SEO efforts, and not waste hard-earned money on expensive 'gurus' that don't deliver?
  • Get a complete blueprint and picture of your TOTAL issues within the technical, architectural, content and back-links areas?

There are many things you can do. (Have you read the latest amazing SEO trick in a blog post lately?)

You don't need more INFORMATION.

There is just ONE THING I would like you to understand from this letter...

An expert SEO forensic audit can save your website and business!

Here's How You Are Going To Benefit From My High-Caliber SEO Forensic Audit

This is screenshot of my recent book on SEO and website optimization from Entrepreneur Magazine. I reveal how to optimize your websites and how to create profitable revenue from your online work.

I have not met you, and don't know your situation.

I'm pretty certain about this though:

I've likely seen your problems before. And, I know I can save you thousands of dollars - monthly (or even daily).

Here's another question for you:

Would you take a beat-up, scrappy and under-performing automobile on the freeway and expect to get to your destination?

Of course not.

Same is true with your website.

Designing, building, launching and maintaining a secure, efficient and high-performing website is the KEY FOUNDATION to growing your business.

The love and results you get from users, search engines and more sales growth is undeniable.

So, why do over 85% of you, including many SEO webmasters themselves fail at this very basic expectation?


They don't care enough (passion), don't know enough (expertise and knowledge), or don't plan enough (strategy and SEO campaign management).

Their main focus areas are:

a) Just get a pretty website up fast

b) Tell friends and spam their subscribers, network and investors

c) Wait and hope for traffic and visitors to engage.

We call this the "spray and pray" method. We are better than this, but so many still do it.

Where is the value in that?


Then It All Changed...

After many years of hard "SEO knocks", things began to change.

Failure is the key to success, they say.

While it's not something you want to hear, it's true for me.

I learned that every website and every business had a common element that I could use to lift the brand traffic, get engaging content and conversions.

That was "the human element".  Yes, shocking. Not technology, not robots or a cute software program.

If I created websites that had a strong, relevant message (pages), that matched the market (audience) and served them on the search platform with high commercial intent, I had won the game.

I did that primarily through understanding the business, the market and how to create unique, authoritative and trusted messages that users and search engines loved.

Furthermore, I modified the website to conform to the SEO standards of the day and staying compliant with search engines and the rules of engagement.

You'll discover how to get these principles established for your websites when you join my SEO Custom Audit Elite. Best of all, you'll learn while myself and team do all the work FOR YOU!

  • Create the Human connection ...How to construct emotional bonds with your copy that engages the user to action
  • Obliterate Your Competition Crush the marketplace with a high performance website that drives buying traffic, not just ranked traffic
  • Forensic Discovery Screenshots, videos and step-by-step descriptions. Imagine applying just one or two tweaks and see results within hours.
  • Complete Search & Business Visibility Reveal your current standing of your website, marketplace, and the blocks you're facing and that must get fixed.
  • Migrating Or New Themes Plans Implement changes that don't lose any traffic and builds on what you already have created.
  • Team education Get every key member involved and build a easy-to-follow plan for the next 6-12 months.
  • Monthly updates For a full year, you'll get access to our member's area.

That's a sampling of what's to come in your own custom website audit package.

But we're not done. You also need ...

A Google Search Quality Engineer and Seth Godin In The Same Room At The Same Time?

An expert Google team member focused on search + marketer sage Seth Godin might be considered the "Hail Mary" of your SEO and marketing campaigns.

I'm not suggesting that my team and I can compare at the same level, but we don't have to.

My focus is on results, not long-drawn out meetings or philosophical discussions. I come from real-world practices and work with an experienced team ... to provide well-informed SEO strategies and team communication.

We will be here to help you get the discovery completed, get the plans in place and make sure you are off to a right start.

We respond quickly to your emails, we include the member's area for free, and a private group that only you can access.


The So Called "Gurus" Don't Deliver


I understand that this is not for everybody. Your time, money and personal name is attached to anything you do.

I recognize you have probably worked with other SEO gurus and experts who promised results to the moon and back, but it just...fizzled.

That's not your fault.

Broken, you may decide to do this work yourself.

Through books, videos and online auditing tools you CAN analyze your own website and markets, and no experts are needed. At least initially.

Some do well with this approach, but I encourage taking a look at your actual output from efforts.

I'm not hiding the fact that you can access both free and paid tools and tons of resources online.

However...the time factor may become your biggest enemy.

And, TIME is one asset we never get back.

The learning, execution and testing (on repeat) will extend the time by which you can see results.

In 95% of the cases I've witnessed, many mistakes were made, time was lost (including revenue) and the increased stress of not being able to create detailed plans.

If you are ready to spend time and money learning on your own time, that's fine. I'm  just preparing you for a long and potentially hard road ahead.


Without A Foundation, There Is No House

The architecture and foundation of your website is paramount.

Good organic results are created from the fundamentals.

Creating this foundation comes at a great price if not done correctly.

At the most basic level, it means providing a readable and crawlable, error-free product that users and search engines love.

An SEO informed information architecture supports ongoing business and site growth goals. Adding content and engagement that draws the users into your sales funnel have positive outcomes for you.

Here's What Do Do Next
(...And Save $1,500.00 Immediately!)

The price for this level of work is in-expensive when you consider the results you'll get. I guarantee it (see below).

The enterprise SEO audits are done by me and my team, and these in-depth audits run from $5,000 for smaller sites (see below), and $10k+ for larger websites with millions of pages.

However, you reading this letter is likely a small business owner, and still need help - therefore I have:

Good news...

For a website with maximum 10,000 indexed pages in Google, I have reduced the audit price today to $3,000.00 (retail: $4,500.00) for the next 7 action takers.

(These audits are done manually. It is labor intensive, and I assign a significant personal portion of my time to your project).

But, I'm not done yet... I must tell you about...

My Iron-Clad Guarantee

Once you implement the changes from the audit, you'll get RESULTS. And, depending on the severity and complexity of the changes, the impact may be quick.

But, I know things can change for you.

So...if for some ODD reason, you don't see any positive movements within the first 60 days - just share what changes you did made, and you'll promptly get a refund. I only request that you update me, so I can learn what / why it didn't work. NOTE: There are no restrictions here, other than submitting your changes to my office.

I stand behind the forensic audit 100% and you'll never get a hard time from me.

7 Fast Action Takers Will Get My $997.00 Bonus - FREE!

Audits come packaged in your very own private folder with complete instructions and videos.

For most of you, this is exactly what you need. But, over the years, some ask for personal time and explanations in a direct, screen-share environment to drill into specific issues.

My day-rate is $7,900.00 for on-site consulting. But as a bonus when you purchase, I will add 1 hour of my time, a $997.00 value - for FREE.

Click Below To Get It Now!

Yes, I Want This!


Jon Rognerud
SEO Auditor, Author


To Recap - here's what you will get:

  1. Your own customized high grade, professional SEO forensics audit with my BIG $1,500 discount for fast acting visitors.
  2. Access to your own, customized 100+ detailed pages with step-by-step findings, results and recommendations.
  3. You get my 60 minute, $997 '1-on-1' bonus - completely Free (Normally not sold separately, my day-rate is $7,900).

I guarantee results, and a full 12 month refund (gives you plenty of time to implement) of the entire investment with me.


This offer is only available for the first 7 fast action takers. It expires soon, so order now!

I've also priced this competitively, and may raise the price in the future.

Sure, you can put this off, but what is that going to get you? Less traffic? Poor rankings? Less customers?

Click the big green button to order now, and I'll rush over the instructions and a worksheet to get started.

On the next screen you'll see a secure payment screen and once completed, access to your private membership area.

Oh, I almost forgot - when you take action today, I'll ship you a free copy of my latest web optimization book from Entrepreneur and recorded SEO webinar videos.


SURPRISE: Because you watched and consumed my materials, training videos and followed this letter to the end, I'm going to drop the price all the way down to $2,497.00! Don't miss this reduced rate. Click the big green button below.


Q: Can I do the audit myself?
A: You can, and I share some of the most essential strategies in my recent website optimization book. I also have a DIY course that teaches the key issues in a step-by-step fashion.

Q: What if I need more help after the Audit?
A: If you need help long term, I enjoy working one-on-one with clients. You and I will have a conversation around what level of support you need and cover the options available. Then, you can choose what works best for you.

Yes, I Want This!