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How To Create a 1 Hour Business Planning Process

The word planning is built deep into our personal and business lives – and our society. Even from before birth, when you were ‘planned’ by your parents 🙂 Building a plan for your business with steps to reach the goals are a must. However, we all get busy and try to avoid lengthy and potentially boring…

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how to create a website that pays

How to Create a Website That Pays You

In this post, I’ll break down the 10 key things you need to consider to create a website that pays you and that will create a return on your investment. I’ve been working in software development, web development and website creation business for over 18 years. I’ve seen a lot – the good, bad & (really)…

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how to get leads using twitter ads

How To Use Twitter Ads For Lead Generation

Twitter advertising is another opportunity for you to drive targeted traffic. That includes showing your ads to a specific audience, at the right location and the right time. In this post, you’ll learn the 7 areas to consider when using Twitter ads for lead generation.

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NEW PODCAST How to Build High Conversion Landing Pages

How To Create High Conversion Landing Pages

I’m often asked: “Jon, what’s the best way to improve my online business growth”? While we like to think big and get excited about the potential that exists by leveraging the Internet for our business, you must consider and understand the basics first. Understand the basics first. What actually works on the web as a general…

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how to generate leads with linkedin for business

How To Get Leads From LinkedIn – 7 Quick Tips

LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals. It has become the go-to network for business owners, job seekers and much more. Check out these statistics for LinkedIn: 313 million members in over 200 countries Professionals joining at a rate of 2 new members per second

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how to Create digital product for free

How To Create a Digital Product For Free

Building digital products is hard for most people. We all know that digital products can not only help strengthen your reputation, authority and trust for your brand, but it’s also another revenue stream. Plus, if the product works (read: people want it), you can implement multiple up-sell strategies over time. (a $97.00 ebook can lead to…

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what should I charge for consulting marketing

How Much To Charge Your Online Clients For Consulting

You can make a great deal of money creating a marketing business online. However, most people are unsure how to present this to clients and further, they are unsure of what their service is worth. When you are talking about costs to the client, you need to position yourself properly. In all reality, within a…

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qualified to do business online

Truth Bomb: 3 Reasons You Are Not Qualified To Do Business Online

As an entrepreneur and business owner it’s easy to miss the obvious points that make you and your business great. You started your business for a good reason, didn’t you? It was not just the creating of freedom and money. No, it was more… …It was to serve and provide your user community and audience with quality…

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Rich people are better than you

Rich People Are Better Than You

How many times growing up did I wonder what rich people did to make themselves “better” than the rest? Well, plenty of times, but not at first. It didn’t start until I came to the USA. In my home country of Norway, there was little talk about money in the day-to-day. It was always about…

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aweber landing pages unbounce

How To Make a Landing Page With AWeber Email Autoresponder

How do you create a special landing page that also captures emails? The folks who asked also wanted to know about how to create auto-responders. Finally, which is the best product to use for auto-sending emails? When you are marketing online, you must drive the visitor to a specific page with your offer or message. Generic pages don’t…

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