Rich people are better than you

Rich People Are Better Than You

How many times growing up did I wonder what rich people did to make themselves “better” than the rest? Well, plenty of times, but not at first. It didn’t start until I came to the USA. In my home country of Norway, there was little talk about money in the day-to-day. It was always about…

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millionaires giving away money

Millionaires Who Give Away Money (Like Crazy)

When you started your small business as an entrepreneur, you had big dreams, hopes and goals (and you still do!). It’s possible that at first, it was very ego-based: to serve yourself, customers and only those close to you. Then, as you made more money, you’d buy more stuff, invest back into the business, possibly…

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shoemoney secrets to success

Jeremy Schoemaker (shoemoney) Secrets To Success

I was scheduled to train a leading website solutions company on SEO. It had been set up months before, and I was getting excited to meet the company executives, learn more about their people, processes and specifically questions around search engine optimization and online marketing. They already had seen much success. The company had worked…

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7 New Ways To Get Cash For Your Start Up Business (Crowd Funding)

Entrepreneurs have great ideas. You are one of them. And, you’ve found something your passionate about, but want to bring it to market. However, while your brain is running over with ideas, your bank-account is not exactly full (to put it mildly). So, you you go back to your thoughts and think “I’ll never get…

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Get Rich Click If You Want To Learn From a Multi-Millionaire Internet Marketer

Recently, I had a chance to meet with Mr. Marc Ofstrofsky, a serial entrepreneur, business innovator and author of a new, awesome Internet money making guide, Get Rich Click. This book is packed with almost 300 pages of insightful, actionable money making content and bonuses that will boggle your mind. His business success stories and…

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3 Killer Ways To Make More Money

Any business has a service component to it. From the simplest to the more complex. That means you have an opportunity to not only include your services as part of your model, but consider adding a specialized version of it. For (much) higher dollars, business coaching comes to your aid. When somebody buys a product or…

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The Number 1 Reason To Start Your Own Business

When it comes to building wealth for yourself, there are only a few ways to do it (legally). In fact, everything gets channeled into this key solution to wealth. Do you know what it is? (and, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke!) Click for larger view

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How To Make Money (anywhere in the world)

Money makes the world go around, right? Or, was that love? Or, is that the energy from the solar nebula? Google says that the phrase “How To Make Money” is found in about 203,000,000 results (0.14 seconds). Those words are found on pages in the billion+ webpages from the Google index (a database of the inter-webs).…

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How To Sell More Stuff Online And Grow Your Business

Image by PhotoJonny via Flickr Individuals who sell online are often pushed to offer a variety of products or services. Yup, confusion sets in – and, on many levels. (I’ll call them ‘Solopreneurs’ for this post). They do this by design, almost. Before they actually have anything serious going, the next shiny object appears. Hey, I’ll…

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How To Change Your Marketing Attractors With One Word

The direction of change to seek is not in our four dimensions: it is getting deeper into what you are, where you are, like turning up the volume on the amplifier. -Thaddeus Golas, author If you can make money selling products or services, that’s awesome. Image via CrunchBase But if you can get more than…

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