how to get more traffic from youtube now

How To Get More SEO Traffic From YouTube Videos

YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube has more than 1 billion users globally, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. To help your creative process, learn more from the YouTube Playbook at Add to this the additional Google YouTube partner programs, the monetization strategies…

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The Universal Laws Of YouTube Video Marketing With James Wedmore (Interview)

Hey everybody, this is exciting here. We’ve got one heck of an interview coming up with one of the top leaders in the industry. In fact, James Wedmore is one of the most sought after authorities on video marketing. James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, a 6,000 plus strong members’ community of small business owners…

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How To Triple Your Know-Like-Trust Factor With YouTube

We all know that purchases are made on an emotional basis. We reason with logic (later). For example, when did you ever buy a new car from that sales person who featured 10 things that the BMW engine has, that a) nobody cares about (really), and b) you never even heard about? Sure, it’s great…

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Secrets To Celebrity Marketing Using YouTube Videos

Image via Wikipedia If you are marketing online for celebrities, what follows are good tips for you to watch for, and take action on. You can share these with your celebrity client too. Education is important, so don’t try to hide this stuff from them. Make it a team effort. Their input will be vital…

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