Facebook Ads: Pixel Magic! (Video 2)

For Beginners: How To Score Big With Facebook Ads!

The 3-step approach we use for clients

If you are a beginner to Facebook advertising, or you have tried your hand at it for a while - but cannot get traction (i.e. clicks, conversions, sales) - then this short video training series is for you.

There is a 3-step system that we use with all our clients.

  1. It begins with understanding the "perfect client" (we dive into all the "non-geeky" stuff first).
  2. We then show you how to configure and set up your environment, including the Facebook pixel and show you how to implement it.
  3. The final video breaks down how to put the ad, copy, landing page and call to action together. Finally, what metrics you must consider.

Whether you are selling services, products or promoting local offers, specials, coupons - this will help you elevate the Facebook ads game.


- Jon Rognerud


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