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Insuring all the Products you create have a Realistic chance at Success from the very start. By following this Simple System from the initial Product Idea to the very first Sale - you will avoid unnecessary risks, make decisions based on Hard Facts rather than “gut feelings” and NEVER create a product that flops.

RE: Creating Products that Sell.

For the people creating their own original Products and Websites - Good for you!

This is the fun, adventurous and creative approach to online business, it’s often the most rewarding as well. The feeling of seeing your own ideas take shape, receive positive reactions and generate Profit before your eyes is a priceless experience. The Opportunities that come along with owning an original Product and Website are also extremely valuable:

Partnerships and Joint Ventures: Recently I was contacted by a company that specializes in large scale Marketing Campaigns (including social media, SEO, PPC, Magazines and Television) – their plan is to take one of my websites, provide as much exposure as humanly possible and split the profits. I would NOT have this opportunity without my own original Products / Websites.

A Business to Build On: Owning a successful Product allows you to create Up-sells, One Time Offers and spin-off products based on a proven concept. The simple fact is: once a Product proves to be a success it’s extremely easy to build on, and create other products and offers that are just as likely to succeed.

Option to “Cash Out”: Everything you do to improve your Product over the course of ownership builds the Value of your Business. Once you feel its time to move on to other projects, you can put your Business up for sale and “Cash Out” with a large chunk of money in your pocket. This is one of the biggest reasons I choose to create my own Products: I can sell them for large chunks of money whenever I want.

Creating your own original products and websites is rewarding in terms of experience, opportunity and profit…like I said, good for you :-)

Now that we’re finished patting our own backs, let’s get to business…

Adding Simple Guidelines to the Way You Create
Products & Websites Will Make Your Ventures Predictable

And Increase Your Chance Of Success…

From the moment my pen touches the paper on which I brainstorm product ideas, to the time those ideas generate their first sale – I use simple guidelines that steer me towards success at crucial times of the product creation process. These guidelines insure I do things right when it counts most.

There’s a really good reason why I’ve never lost money from any one of my Product Ideas, and had just 1 Website “flop” in the 7 years I’ve been doing business online…

My Approach to Creating New Products
makes it Very Hard for me to Fail

For Example: one very important part of product creation is the idea, and how it’s generated. So before I even think of product ideas, I identify a wide range of large online markets – this insures that the Products I come up with are targeted at huge markets with no shortage of targeted traffic or potential…

I also make sure the online markets I choose are something I have Experience and/or Interest in. This means I already have a solid foundation of knowledge (from experience) to build my Product ideas on, and an abundance of enthusiasm and excitement (from being interested) to carry me through the process of creating a product. Before I get an idea I make sure it’s going to be a good one…

This is how I’m able to come up with winning Product Ideas over and over again. I don’t leave things up to chance, don’t base my decisions on “gut feelings”, and make sure to follow logical guidelines during the most crucial steps of developing a product.

This is EXACTLY what you’re going to learn inside the…

"Digital Product Creation" System

Digital Product Creation is: My personal Step-By-Step system for generating winning Product Ideas and turning them into profitable online businesses. From the initial Brainstorm to the fist Sale – “DPC” will guide you through creating a new product in the Safest and most Predictable way possible.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside “Digital Product Creation”:

Below is a general description of the key concepts and strategies outlined in “DPC”. The guide is 20 Pages long and goes into the details of how these concepts and strategies work, as well as how they are applied in real life…

Part 1: Market Research and Product Ideas
Before you even think of any new product ideas, you must identify the markets you are likely to succeed in. Your potential for success is determined by factors like: personal Experience and Interest, availability of targeted traffic, the competition etc. These factors MUST be taken into account when generating New Product Ideas…

Adding Strategy to the way we generate Product Ideas: Before you generate any product ideas you must define a broad range of Markets you’re likely to succeed in (I provide a BIG list of online markets to choose from)

Choosing Your “Ideal Markets”: Once you have an idea of all the possible Markets you can go into, its time to pick your “Ideal Markets” – these markets are “Taylor made” to your skill sets, interests, experiences and abilities (These are Markets you are almost Guaranteed to succeed in)

Brainstorming and Generating Product Ideas: By limiting our ideas to “Ideal Markets” and adding guidelines that steer our thoughts in a direction that’s bound to generate Profitable Product Ideas – we add Strategy and Logic to the wildest and most unpredictable part of creating new products (Brainstorming)

Qualifying your Product Ideas for Development: Before you get excited and commit to a product idea, you must be sure that the Product is in demand (This is determined by the amount of Targeted Traffic available for your future Offer)

Part 2: Offer / Product Development
The most important part of a Website that sells a Digital Product is the Offer. The Offer (or Sales Copy, Sales Page, Pitch etc.) explains your Product’s value to people, it generates Sales and makes money. Part 2 will teach you how to craft irresistible Offers in a simple and systematic way…

Choosing ideas that are likely to Succeed: this depends on the potential of your ideas, as well as how Easy and Realistic it is for YOU to put them into practice (this step insures the ideas you commit to are the ones You are least likely to fail, and most likely to succeed with)

Asking the Right Questions: By focusing on Markets you have Experience and Interest in, you allow yourself to think from the Customer’s POV (I provide a list of simple Questions you can answer to create a solid list of Features and Benefits for your Products).

Analyzing the Competition: No matter how original and awesome your product idea is, chances are someone else has already created, tested, tweaked and promoted similar products: You can piggyback their hard work to add new Features and Benefits, as well as insure your Offer is more appealing than theirs (I give you an easy Approach to doing this)

Crafting a “Dream” Offer: Successful Product Offers aren’t just ok, good enough or decent – They are Amazing. That’s how you should feel about your Offer once it’s done (Luckily, it only takes a few simple steps to turn your “Dream Offer” into a Reality)

Part 3: Testing the Offer
The “Moment of Truth” in a new Product’s life comes when the Offer you crafted gets its first exposure to live traffic, and you find out if the Product actually Sells or not. Because you’re product’s success is determined by how well it Sells, its extremely important to test your ideas before committing to them…

The importance of basing your Product on the Offer: Most people create the Product before they craft the Offer – this is the wrong approach. The Offer is what generates Sales and makes Money, the Product simply delivers on the Offer’s promises and lets you keep that money (The Features and Benefits that generate Sales should determine the contents of your Product, NOT the other way around)

^Note: This does not mean the Product is not important and can be of poor quality. It must deliver on the promises made in the Offer (A poor quality Product is hard to build on, a high quality Product can have a viral effect and promotes growth naturally)

Testing the Offer on Adwords: Crafting a strong Offer before creating a Product also allows you to Test that Offer on Adwords – this way you can see if your Product Converts before you create it. Doing things in this order lets you avoid wasting time, energy and money on developing Products that might flop.

Deciding the Product’s faith based on Test Results: Once you test your Offer with “cold” Adwords traffic, you can make informed decisions regarding your Product’s future based on Facts and Data.

This approach is perfect for 1 Person Businesses run on part time hours. Its simple, doesn’t require extra work and helps avoid costly mistakes that are often a product of following conventional wisdom – “DPC” is not about doing what you Think is right, but doing what actually IS right.

Ok, now here’s the deal…

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Remember: This is NOT some little 5 Page report that teaches you an idea or two. It’s a 20 Page guide that takes you through the product creation process step-by-step, from the initial brainstorm to the first sale – it’s covered inside “DPC”. So the planned $37 price point is not an exaggeration.

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P.S. I truly believe the system outlined in “Digital Product Creation” is the best way for a Single Person to create New Products, and insure they have the best possible chance at success. “My Approach to Creating New Products makes it Very Hard for me to Fail” – I’m confident you’ll feel the same way after reading this guide.