Learn the simple steps to grow your business with social media…

Uncover how to simplify four top social media sites and use them to grow your success — in five easy lessons!

Dear Online Business Owner,

You either love social media — or hate it.

But it doesn’t matter whether you spend all day guiltily addicted to chatting with friends and playing games… or avoid social networking like the plague.

Your business still needs it nowadays, more than ever!

Oh, you can purchase guides to this network and that… each of them as good as the other. (In fact, lots of them seem to say exactly the same things.

This is not necessarily because anyone’s copying other people’s material. It’s more a matter of the mechanics being a constant. Every single guide will tell you how to sign up for Facebook the same way. Or how to add a badge to Twitter.

Or how to add contacts to Linked. Or share something on Google+.

What They Don’t Tell You is
Why You’re Still Stuck in the Same
Bad Social-Networking Habits

What you may not realize is that how you communicate in the real world is not necessarily how you communicate online.

Human beings have to make up for:

  • Lack of face-to-face contact
  • Being unable to see (and therefore interpret) facial expressions and nuances
  • Being unable to hear other people’s tones of voice

Plus you have to take into account your own preferences in learning and style.

(Not to mention the psychology of your target audience!)

Understanding Your Good and Bad
Social Networking Habits
is the First Step to
Making it Easy

Knowing not only how your desired audience likes to communicate — and where, of course — but also why you love or hate social networking can help you turn all your bad habits around.

After that, it’s just a matter of knowing how to make the most of the “Big Four”:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

And how to position yourself for success by building your reputation, narrowing your focus, attracting the right fans, followers, friends or subscribers.

(As well as where to find them!)

There’s a catch, however…

If we put all that information in one eBook, you’d most likely end up reading it piecemeal, zeroing in on the “bits” you’re most interested in and reinforcing all your bad habits (the fun ones and the not-so-fun).

That’s why we’ve developed a five-day course, consisting of five easy lessons.

Your Easy Introduction to
“Social Media in Business”
– In 5 Daily Lessons

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Day One: Introduction to Social Media in Business
  • Day Two: Facebook for Business
  • Day Three: Google+ for Business
  • Day Four: Twitter for Business
  • Day Five: LinkedIn for Business

But don’t kid yourself — it’s Day One that will truly set you up for success.

You’ll learn things about yourself — and others — that you never really knew.

Such as…

  • Where you really are on the social media scale
  • Understanding your own online social preferences and habits
  • What secretly happens, when you enter a social network
  • Why certain people are drawn to certain networks
  • The four basic types — and how to tell where you fit in
  • Seven personality traits — and how to understand them
  • Why this one type outnumbers its polar opposite — on Twitter
  • Five strong reasons to choose one particular network over the others
  • Sixteen psychological profiles — boiled down to four different types
  • Self-evaluation tools — and how easy it is to use them
  • The “big clue” to look for — and two easy ways to determine this

And, once you’ve got a handle on the psychology behind online social interaction, we’ll really take off. You’ll be…

All Set At Last …for
Social Networking Success

You’ll know exactly what you’re doing, what to look for… and how to make each of the “Big Four” work for your business…

…To grow your reputation and establish the roots of success.

You’ll have mastered tricky situations and questions like

  • 5 non-responsive Twitter Types — and how to understand them
  • Why targeting only this group will not yield a strong ROI
  • Two ways to determine your most active type of follower
  • Who you’re dealing with on social media sites… and what is really driving them
  • The best social network on which to find people who hate socializing
  • 6 actions to take, to increase others’ involvement
  • 4 basic questions to ask yourself before starting this
  • 8 different types of content you can use to add spice to your mix
  • 9 common causes of social networking procrastination
  • 2 deadly hidden social media pitfalls — and how to head them off at the pass
  • The single, most important question to ask yourself, when reviewing your results

And that’s just in the first lesson alone!

Next, it’s time to start…

Day Two: Cleaning Up Your
Facebook Habits

Day Two will help you easily apply your new understanding to this dangerously-seductive social networking platform (or your old foe, depending on your outlook!)

We’ll go over how to refresh your profile and then spend a good chunk of time making sure your Facebook page takes advantage of recent changes.

We’ll analyze two Facebook pages that are complete polar opposites — one that has just been set up (and is still at its most simple)…

…And one that rocketed to fame in a few short months (with 1,624,608 Facebook users “liking” it — and 32,173 engaged!)

(Giving you a chance to put to work your new-found skills and understanding of social interaction — the stuff we learned in Day One.)

You’ll also understand:

  • 3 key ingredients for successful Facebook Page social networking
    • 5 ways to ensure your Profile Photo does its job
  • 5 simple facts to input — plan and prepare in advance
    • 4 Facebook Page design options — and why they really don’t matter, if you’ve done this right
  • Tidying up Loose ends — four points to make sure you’ve covered
  • 5 top tips for continuing to ensure success

Mind, all that takes as much time to explain as it probably does for you to actually read it. These are really juicy, concrete tips that once read, aren’t easily forgotten!

And you’ll have confidently made them a habit before you get to…

Day Three: Making the Most of Google+

It’s time to return to psychology (briefly) as we sail on towards Google+. This exciting new social network contains one hidden advantage sure to hook a particular learning type.

It’s cleaned up things that are still fuzzy on Facebook, and made it easy for visual thinkers to finally feel they have a social networking home at last.

In this easy lesson, you’ll master:

  • What Google+ has done that Facebook failed to do
  • The “fifth element” of these four learning types (and it’s unique to online!)
  • Understanding — and using — Circles: Your not-so-secret weapon
  • Five strong benefits you can help yourself to, if you do it right
  • 3 simple steps for “prep”, before you even sign up
  • Stepping back for an overview (with 8 refresher-points to check)
  • De-mystifying Google+ Business Pages (including how to find yours again!)
  • Getting familiar with Google+ — four “tricks” that really work well

Getting familiar with Google+ — four “tricks” that really work well

Plus there are practical how-to tips on simple mechanics you need to know. You’ll be well into making them a habit, when we get to…

Day Four: Rediscovering (and Redeeming Yourself) on Twitter

We’ll start off by taking an open-eyed look at nine deadly types of habitual tweeters. (Which one will you be?)

If you’re spluttering with indignation at that last question, let me reassure you that we’ve all committed at least one of these sins — habitually. Mostly because the guidebooks encourage you to do so.

(Another classic case of understanding the actions… without grasping the principle behind it. And being in a hurry, because we’re all so short on time!)

You’ll also learn:

  • 7 true ways to practice these “sins” — and turn them into virtues!
  • The single most devastating mistake you can make on Twitter (and why it should be called `the Unforgivable Sin’)
  • A look at 3 highly-engaged celebrities — and why they do it right (and no: It’s not just their celebrity status talking!)
  • The one thing you need to do, to copy their success
  • 4 steps to “conscious tweeting” — and how it can turn things around
  • Know these 7 key Twitter tools — and how to effectively use them

My New, Five-Day Course,
“Social Media Traffic Engines For Business”

Will help you understand the hidden motivations and barriers that people operate from… while grounding you at the same time with solid, “how to” information you need, to help you get started “right”.

Each lesson comes with an optional (but highly recommended) Daily Assignment. You can do these at your leisure while waiting for the next lesson… knowing that what you’re actually doing is no exercise…

…You’re building your business — on a solid social networking foundation that will stand the test of time. (How about it? Are you in?)

YES! Count me in!

I want transform the way I approach social networking and learn how to master Social Media in Business — in simple five daily lessons — including the psychology behind the “social”, which most courses or guidebooks persistently ignore.”

I understand I will receive:

  • 5 easy, daily lessons (at a minimum of 10 pages each)
  • 5 crystal-clear checklists (to help me make sure I’ve put everything into place

And a multitude of facts, tips, principles and information. Such as…

  • 5 things I need to identify, for every social sub-group
  • A simple but handy chart, summing up the “Big Four’s” users
  • 8 simple social metrics I should always (quickly) monitor
  • 7 crucial factors to identify, to guarantee success
  • What social networking replaces, when my business is online
  • 5 precautions to take — and 10 mistakes not to make
  • 10 Twitter “best practices” — and why I will find them timeless

And so much more, I’m eager to get started! So sign me up — I’m ready to invest in my business success.

Since this course is free, all I ask is this:
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with your friends.

And don’t forget, we still have…

Day Five: LinkedIn for Business

We finish off with the social network that’s as essential as having a business card — a fact that’s surprisingly not often understood.

Having a presence on LinkedIn means people searching for you on Google find you more quickly. LinkedIn has become synonymous with “professional” — your presence there will reassure your clients (or potential employers).

In this final lesson, help yourself to:

  • Ten easy LinkedIn tips and tricks to greatly boost your web visibility
  • Building your reputation quickly — while helping yourself to a host of side benefits and more
  • The secret strategy for taking the work out of other social networks — while using LinkedIn’s own resources
  • 5 powerful features that will cut your work time — and double the benefits
  • Why LinkedIn can chop the time you need for online research (as well as networking) in half

So are you ready to get rid of old social networking habits that made it a chore — and learn new ones that will easily turn into enjoyable habits?

If your answer is “yes!” — Download your first lesson right away!

In minutes you can be helping yourself to your first, enjoyable lesson. And remember — there’s no risk to you. It’s FREE.

See you on the “Big Four”!


Jon Rognerud

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