millionaires giving away money

Millionaires Who Give Away Money (Like Crazy)

When you started your small business as an entrepreneur, you had big dreams, hopes and goals (and you still do!). It’s possible that at first, it was very ego-based: to serve yourself, customers and only those close to you. Then, as you made more money, you’d buy more stuff, invest back into the business, possibly…

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The Wealth Gap, Wealth Distribution and Wealth Inequality (Is It Getting Worse?)

I’m sure you’ve heard business people and others say… that the “1%-class” belongs to the richest people on the planet. For the world, that means that out of 7 billion people on our green planet, only a very small fraction belong to the ‘untouchables’. In a recent study from Credit Suisse Research Institute, it found…

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7 Rules of the SEO Money Making Game You Didn’t Know About

In a recent radio interview (here), I discussed the key strategies you should consider for your website optimization now. While the conversation gets into some level of detail (some listeners considered this more advanced), optimizing for search, social and your web pages starts and ends with these 3 principles: Acquire relevant, quality traffic (not just…

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Are Americans Broke? Here’s A Different Money View.

When you follow the news media (radio, TV, newspapers, web) – you quickly get insights into how the media works, and at a disturbing level: bad news sells. (making their advertisers happy) The declining economy, the gloomy numbers in unemployment, the sliding stock market and the overall pity of human mankind, etc, etc. When news…

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Who Invented Money?

Money! Love it or hate it, it’s a cultural-socio factor in all modern economies. But where did money come from, when was money invented – and how has it become such a force in society? The history of money is long and complicated – and incredibly interesting – but here are the basics. I believe…

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Will My Internet Marketing Business Succeed?

You would probably be amazed to discover how many people start internet businesses that they really don’t care about. Many of them fell for the hype – the make-a-million promises that network marketing companies in specific made famous. I joined Nu-skin back in the early 90’s, and while I had fun with that (a lot!)…

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