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6 Steps For An Effective SEO Process

For search engine optimization, there are many out there who think that if you simply plan and structure an effective website with cool designs, ease of use and nice graphics, you’ll have it made. #FAIL. I am not saying that they’re officially claiming that that is SEO, I often feel like they think it is. “Put…

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PAY PER CLICK profit magnets

Why PPC Marketing Is The Profit Magnet For Your Business

When I think about the many opportunities that exist in internet marketing for brand visibility / lift, web traffic increase, search engine optimization, banner advertising, lead generation, landing page testing, content / copy testing, banner testing, funnel (e-commerce) testing, social media, customer engagement and building your email list (follow-up marketing) … and with an awesome…

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4 New Ways to Advertise with Google Adwords

When discussing advertising online, Google comes up within the first minute of any marketing conversation. The discussion around SEO, ranking & traffic opportunities as part of a natural, organic search marketing campaign is brought to bear as well. And, if the budget is there, advertisers may/will consider Google Adwords & PPC (Pay Per Click). Instead…

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Are Your SEO Keyword Bids Too High?

I met somebody a few years ago at a search engine conference (SES San Jose), and he was big-time into SEO. This guy was really on top (no pun intended) of things. And, he laughed (hard) when I asked about bidding for seo-related keywords using paid search. His point was this: “shouldn’t your SEO keywords…

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Are You Missing The Overlooked Gold In Google Ad Networks?

It bloomed out of a garage by two programming geeks in California. They didn’t know how they were going to make money from it. But, they saw the future. The web needed to be organized and the existing search engines weren’t cutting it. Soon… searchers began to notice the difference too. Google was faster and…

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31 Simple Ways To Generate (mostly) FREE Web Traffic

Web traffic is the lifeblood to web masters and online business owners. It’s a lonely place without traffic and you will not survive in business without it. However, not all traffic is created equal. If I told you I could get 1,000 new visitors by tomorrow for only $10.00 – would you take it? (I…

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How To Setup Google Adwords Conversion Tracking In 5 Easy Steps

Most clients I come across that has done “some” Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), have lots of questions about it, since it’s not working for them. And, with Google Adwords new options, tools and strategies (more competitive marketplaces) – answers get more complex too. We use a checklist, and when we ask about targeting, display…

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Slice 18 Hours Off Your Keyword Research

Keyword research for both SEO & PPC is hard. Not only in trying to dissect the right keywords and layers to target (head keywords, chunky middle keywords, long tail keywords), but also revealing what the competition is up to at the same time. And, it’s important to organize your work, and not just use one…

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5 B2B Business PPC Insights You Should Know For 2011

Image via Wikipedia Pay Per Click is awesome. Previously, I talked about how PPC can be a profit magnet for your business. One of the main reasons for that is that you can validate your research and marketing strategies very quickly. SEO is very important, and must be part of your online marketing strategy, but…

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How To Get Lots Of Cheap And Fast Traffic To Your Website

Image via Wikipedia How often do you hear of something being easy, cheap or fast when it comes to driving traffic to your website? In this quick blog post, you’ll learn a couple of steps to get exactly that. And, you will be in control of the traffic. You can turn the web traffic on…

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