How To Sell More Using Facebook Ads (Retargeting)

Today’s post is about sales. Selling. Value. Differentiation. Exchanging value for money…so you can grow more, better, faster. Watch the “how to sell using Facebook ads video” now: We’re going to talk about Facebook advertising once again. A Functional Sales Model If you are struggling to sell on Facebook and via your ads, it’s most likely because…

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how to sell more products online

How To Sell More Products Online (B2B)

An article from the Harvard Business Review stated that it’s time to “rethink the 4 P’s of marketing”. We’ll cover what Richard Ettenson (Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management) suggested to help B2B (and B2C) firms sell more. You can watch the “How To Sell More Products Online” on Youtube: [cleveryoutube video=”EYbHSFwGfOc” vidstyle=”1″ pic=””…

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How to Sell Big Ticket SEO

SEO specialists and SEO sales corporations are constantly looking for that big ticket that will keep them occupied, and well paid, for months or years to come. Large corporations know that they need a web presence and therefore, they are looking for individuals and companies that can provide this service for them. The problem is that you…

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How To Sell In Social Media – The REAL Sales Secret (video)

Selling your products and services (and your brand) using social media is really very straight forward… … when you know the #1 thing that actually works. I often get questions or comments like these: “Jon, I think social media doesn’t work. Not for me or us, anyway. Well, because I’ve tried, and it’s been months, and…

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How To Become A Small Business Authority

How can you become an authority in your small business? And, perhaps more importantly, why should you? I’ll break down the 3 strategies to consider on the process of starting in this post. But first, why should you consider becoming an authority in the first place? Let’s use an example. Let’s say you had a…

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Never Underestimate How Big You Are

In sales (and in life in general), the biggest opponent to success is…. FEAR. The fear of what other people will think about you, say about you – or don’t say about you. I discovered over the years that the times I found myself “stalling”, coming up with “excuses”, and not being “motivated” when dealing…

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How To Sell More Stuff Online And Grow Your Business

Image by PhotoJonny via Flickr Individuals who sell online are often pushed to offer a variety of products or services. Yup, confusion sets in – and, on many levels. (I’ll call them ‘Solopreneurs’ for this post). They do this by design, almost. Before they actually have anything serious going, the next shiny object appears. Hey, I’ll…

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