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How Did This B2B Company Use SEO To Get A 342.35% Boost In Traffic Within 21 Days?

SEO case study: B2B website migration traffic and search improvement

In a recent SEO case, we began our analysis, and provided recommendations from findings to the executive team. We began SEO implementations in the same week for this B2B company that serves 9,000 members in the healthcare field.

Their website had just gone thru a domain migration and design change - a very typical occurrence in website and brand management that we come across.

Web traffic from search had dropped by over 50% from the original traffic numbers, and they were in panic over what to do.

We began by stepping through our unique SEO checklist. There are 3 key areas of our SEO audit, as shown in the video below.

Web traffic dipping or rankings dropping in Google? Watch now:

It's important to first create a complete analysis and get the history of the website for SEO purposes.


Need to rank locally and in Google Maps?

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Local SEO is critical for local businesses and to lift their brand on local, mobile search.

Recognize and understand these key SEO factors:

a) On-Page SEO

b) Off-Page SEO (link building, influencer outreach and more)

c) Technical SEO

d) Quality content assets

e) Brand reputation management

f) Measurement & KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

We receive requests weekly to fix ranking drops.

While there may be common reasons why, only a proper analysis and history dissection with access to analytics and search console will begin the process of providing real solutions that get results.


Want to see what SEO checklist we use for our clients?

The SEO Checklist contains 27 essential items to consider to get top SEO rankings to acquire more quality traffic from natural search. It's free to download.

The SEO Framework

How do you keep track of, review and improve results from SEO? There are a series of steps during an SEO audit, and the processes follow a search engine optimization checklist.

Recommendations tailored to your market can then be provided.

Where do you start?

a) Understand business goals and map out the current challenges you're having

b) Understand the marketplace and build a gap analysis to help manage and compare future performance

c) Manage the brand reputation

d) Analyze external link profiles and on-page optimization for local, national and global assets

e) Track all the activities and effectiveness of the work on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

SEO Testimonials

Check out these real testimonials from some of our previous customers and clients.  All results and testimonials are verifiable and on file.

Managing SEO projects

SEO projects can be divided into activities, their purpose and target deliverables.

Examples of SEO deliverables:

a) Keywords analysis for targeting potential business benefits grouped by topics

b) Technical SEO site audit to reveal existing site issues and get quick wins

c) A content marketing strategy with focus on call to action & goals

d) A backlinking strategy for removing bad links, identifying new links

e) Analytics review, sales / ROI tracking & ongoing recommendations.

Sample SEO Checklist Content & Training Videos (from our SEO cheat-sheet):

Video 1

How to install and configure Yoast SEO for WordPress.

More info...

Yoast for WordPress is a all-inclusive SEO plugin. There is a popular free version, but you can also upgrade to a paid subscription.

Video 2

Google Search Console setup and link to Google Analytics

More info...

The old Google Webmasters Console is now called Google Search Console. It contains a wealth of diagnostic data, and has become invaluable for SEO audits, KPI metric tracking and much more.

Video 3

Bing Webmaster tools setup and configuration

More info...

Bing webmaster tools is similar to Google Search Console. It gives the user a wealth of information about websites, pages, links, http status and much more. Simple to install and is free to use.

Video 4

Competitive SEO research with SEMRush

More info...

SEMRush is a powerful competitive research, domain comparison and keyword research platform and more. The latest online service contains a number of new rich features, and there is a paid and free version you can use.

Video 5

SEO backlink analysis with

More info...

It's virtually impossible to rank competitively without backlinks. is a fast, intuitive platform for checking backlinks, keywords and content performance on the Internet. A must have tool for your SEO campaigns.

What are essential SEO tools for an SEO audit?

All SEO managers, consultants and providers of search engine marketing use tools to help them.

Many of these SEO tools are free. There is a large marketplace with paid tools as well. The below is a short list of some of these search engine optimization tools that you can use.

Screaming Frog

This is a desktop tool that allows spidering of a website. It provides a rich set of data that can be sorted, exported, filtered. It provides the backbone to many SEO audits today. There are other free tools available, but this one warrants a purchase. Click for website.

Click to watch video

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the standard web analytics tool for most businesses online. It's free and provides all the insights you need, and to run reports and set up alerts, filters and much more for SEO forensic audits and ongoing SEO campaign management.

Adwords Keywords

The Adwords Keyword Planner is a great starting place to get a view into your keyword landscape. While tailored more for paid search (ads) it provides an easy way to begin your keyword research for SEO.

Some of the companies we work with and use our strategies...

6 Things To Create Improvement In SEO

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