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Follow and download this framework. It will help improve your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Audit:
The Simple Process For Improving FB Ad Campaigns

The results from an audit like this will have a positive impact on your overall ad campaigns. This is a proven audit process that works, over and over again, and in any market.

However, the most important success factor of your advertising is not the traffic, although traffic is a starting point. It's going to come down to your funnel.

The steps to a successful e-com/lead gen sales boil down to these 5 steps in a process:
Creation and use of smart funnels
Ad concept testing

The document (download below) shows the framework and more details.

Reference to part 1 of the facebook ads audit (agency version):
*Find the first part in episode: #020

Download a copy of the free document (PDF) here:
Facebook Ads Audit Process (Download)

At the agency, we have core areas of focus for any FB advertising project/campaign. See below.

Focus Areas

Profitable Ad Spending
Facebook Pixel Management
Targeted Audiences (where your buyers live!)
Lookalike Audiences
Advanced Ad Strategies
Converting Ad Copy
FB Algorithm Expertise & Knowledge
Reporting and KPI Summaries (updated weekly)

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