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Here's What Our Customers Say  

None of these clients are compensated for anything they say.

"The most legitimate, authorative source on digital marketing optimization. A big thank you for spending 2 days with our company. I highly recommend Jon's services."  

Jay Wilkinson, CEO - FireSpring

“I loved your insightful social media strategies from your seminar today. I will use these in my own business now.”  

BONNIE R. Social Media PR Agency  

“Jon, I loved your seminar! And, I learned SO MUCH about social media that I didn't even know about.”  

CINDY W. Social Media Marketing Owner

Don't Take Our Word For It  

“Jon is one of the most knowledgeable digital marketers in the Internet Marketing industry. His book has been providing me valuable advice that helped me move beyond roadblocks.”  

Lorna Li

“When we were looking for the most authoritative voice in Search and Digital, our search stopped when we found Jon. He has forgotten more about search than I ever knew in the first place! Our company is now better armed and suited to serve our customers than we ever have been in the past.”  

Jay Wilkinson Firespring

“We had been struggling to uncover the right online strategies and website migration plans for our new rebrand. We knew Mr. Rognerud as a well-known digital expert and business consultant — and we were lucky to get him in his busy schedule. His breadth of actionable marketing knowledge, search engine expertise and candid step-by-step approach, removed all the mysteries, mapped out the plan to follow, and got our site and back-office functionality working in no time. Dude, you’re one bad Rockstar!”  

Josh Korn Executive Search, LLC

“I would highly recommend Jon's team for any organization looking to take their search and social media strategy to the next level.”  

Don Tyler, Sr. Director Marketing Dell Software

“Our site is not only visible but we are showing up first and second in searches. We have had significant actual business results with more than 17 requests for business proposals. The team is patient and willing to educate us along the way.”  

Marie Stone, Vice-President FirstService Residential

“I’ve been working with Jon for many years on a wide array of projects and all I can say is that he is very direct, dynamic and creative with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to online marketing and technology in general. A valuable asset to any team, Jon is the consummate professional. I highly recommend him if you can afford him.”  

Joe Rogers, CEO RGB Projects

“Jon Rognerud epitomizes "digital marketing expert". He truly knows how to "map" the chaos of digital marketing, a gift to any client who hires him. Jon's digital marketing expertise paired with his entrepreneurial expertise make him such an asset to a client - far beyond what most digital marketers can provide. He is more than a "SEO" or "web marketing" expert, he often works with clients as a business consultant, identifying growth objectives and mapping out opportunities then putting digital marketing to work to get this clients to levels far beyond what they anticipated. Jon understands the art and science of digital marketing. I have so much respect for his knowledge and love his positive energy and approach to all he does!”  

Lorrie Thomas-Ross, CEO Web Marketing Therapy, Inc.

“Mr. Rognerud has a long history in technology, business consulting, and web development. His new book reflects that knowledge and experience in the search marketing field. He is a smart guy, and for folks starting in SEO, I suggest you pick up a copy.”  

Andy Beal, CEO Trackur, LLC

“I have known Jon for over 14 years and he is one of the most positive, energetic, and competent professionals I have ever worked with. Jon was responsible for leading the web site design team, managing the search engine functionality, and a key member of the technology team.”  

Bryan Larimore, SVP IBEX International

More Client Testimonials

From all the books and projects on search and social media, we were excited finally get your help and revamped the direction of our business. The changes in strategies, tactics and doubling of traffic and leads saved our business! Thank you.

Kari Mitchell | Plastic Surgery and Spa Center, Dallas 

Your vast knowledge and detailed implementation of your custom strategies are very impressive and we saw a tripling of doctor leads over the first 60 days! You are so professional and are really focused on what will bring the most success to client.  

Katina Bingham | Health Practice Marketing - Owner

It is important to listen to a digital expert with hands on experience. What better way to get hands on experience with advertising and digital strategies than to actually have worked full time for a search engine firm, Yahoo. Working as an insider at a search engine firm like Yahoo alone makes someone an expert in search.  

Paul Rock | Event Planning Director

Many profess expertise but Jon truly validates his knowledge with solid results. He not only has a deep understanding of search marketing but possesses a deep well of business intelligence. He applies solid business methodologies to drive sustainable results. I was equally impressed with his passion to let others in on the "secret" of search. He opens up the world of search in a way that can be understood by those who are not experts. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is serious about moving their business forward.  

Karen Swim | CEO, APR

Jon is a true professional and I would recommend him without reservation. He has that rare mix of technical expertise and business savy that is invaluable in addressing any IT business problem.  

Jim Ehrenberg | Microsoft Sharepoint

Your strategies and tactics for Search Engine Optimization were implemented with great success. Highly recommended, and we continue to build and nurture the relationship  

Thad Gerber | CEO - Velocity Networks


1. How much does the session cost?

This is a completely FREE session, and there is no "hidden" sales pitch or weird pressure or other shenanigans. 

This is a session made for you. And for us to get together, learn a little more about you - and provide actionable steps to move you forward. 

This includes Facebook advertising, client attraction and company growth strategies. If you decide to learn more and have us help you with services going forward, there may be an opportunity.

2. Are these results I should expect too?

Results shared on this page, and case studies on the call and videos are unique. 

The clients I work with are high performance entrepreneurs that work hard and create amazing offers and services. 

They are fitness instructors, gyms, doctors, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, coaches, consultants and professional services operators and owners. 

They continually push themselves to new heights and jump over big hurdles and challenges to get there. Digital marketing is simple, but not easy. 

3. How long does it take to see results?

Once you have joined the call and we understand your primary challenges, we divide them into "immediate goals" and "longer term goals". 

For example, a "now" goal is driving leads into your business via Facebook advertising (paid media). The immediate plan shows you implementable action items you can do right now or that we can help you with. Other results may and will take longer, depending on your goals. We focus on strategy, outcomes and results, not "cute" tactics or the latest and greatest shiny widget.

4. Is there any required preparation work?

We have simple questionnaire + an on-boarding checklist. 

We spend the time needed to provide you with the information you need using our proven onine business building strategies. Apply here.