Now It’s Your Turn To Finally Discover The REAL SECRET To Why So Many Of Today’s Business Owners Crash & Burn When Generating Leads In Their Own Businesses…

"Do You Make These Mistakes In Lead Generation?"

Dear Overworked Business Owner & Entrepreneur,

If you are interested in getting a PREDICTABLE, CONSISTENT, GUSHING ORGASM OF LEADS (yes, it’s possible) that lift your business to new heights, then this is going to be the most exciting post you'll ever read...

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First, let me ask you a serious question:

Do you earn your living convincing others to purchase goods, products, services?

Are you a business owner struggling to get consistent, quality leads for your business?

Do you secretly spy on your competition and try to swipe + copy their lead gen strategies, but nothing seems to work?

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a steady stream of targeted leads, interested in your products and/or services?

Do you hope that you some day will close more quality, high-value business from your current experience?

My name is Jon Rognerud, and I build online campaigns, leads and sales for expert businesses.

I’ve written several published books, and most recently, a best-selling book on “Web Optimization” for Entrepreneur Magazine/Press.

I’ve built two businesses with a core mission to help others globally, and I’m an Entrepreneur.

Why Do You Struggle With Lead Gen?

FACT: 92.6% of business owners and online entrepreneurs still get “lead generation” completely wrong. (DISCLAIMER: I made up that number, but that’s about right from what I see.)

If you are reading this, YOU are most likely one of them...

Ouch! Let me not start on such a negative tone.

I’m here to INSPIRE you.


You, a knowledgeable, committed and experienced professional. You know your business and markets inside out, and have deep expertise and passion for what you do. You are educated, been in business for more than 5 years and enjoy helping others, including caring for your family. You are getting a bit tired and set in your ways by now, but still keep an open mind.

Ok, we got the introductions out of the way. We know a little bit about each other… so let’s dig in.

Times Have Changed…BIG-TIME!

You know that buying behaviors have completely changed over the last several years, and especially with the transparency and communication that exists within an open “inter-web”.

The “rules” of marketing and selling from yester-year… they don’t apply anymore.

Wait! Or do they?

Read on, because you’ll discover important distinctions that will leap-frog you from your current place of thinking.

Let me be clear: There will be some hard-hitting truths here.

Heard this: Ready…Fire…Aim!? (It’s the title of a popular business book by self-made millionaire Michael Masterson).

If you are familiar with the title, good! Because you’ll need to keep an open mind and follow a somewhat non-standard path and possibly startling different directions for you.

In other words, I’ll be sharing working ideas here that will be new to you.

For example, I discuss concepts like “testing”. It sounds whimsical and not permanent or reliable, but it’s ONE of the biggest secrets to your success.

Selling Sucks, But Sales Is Awesome!

Nothing moves forward without sales. Since you are an owner of your business, you know this.

For now, let’s admit that you can do better with your lead generation and selling process. You currently don't have a high-quality lead generation system in place.

At least not the one you need.

You’ll learn about using inbound strategies that work for humans to create highly functioning leads and sales processes that will improve your bottom line.

You have the work cut out for yourself.

Not-so-ethnical sales activities from the past has created a “buyer beware” scenario. They didn’t even know it was happening.

But because of the technology changes and information overflow, the new guiding principle is “seller beware”. Do you see the challenge here?

When asked about what people thought about words like “sales” and “selling”, this word cloud says it all:


Productivity and Communication Are Not Your Only Challenges

Your work day is full. Understatement of the year.

You are doing many things, even though you’d like to focus on just ONE.

And, it seems like you must handle any issue that comes across your desk all at once. You must communicate with teams, vendors, partners, and personal interaction with employees and in-fighting.

You get little time for yourself.

You are spending time on learning about productivity enhancement programs, newer, cooler tools or watching "the next shiny breakthrough thing" that promises big results.

But, the biggest hurdle facing you is not just the above.  It's something much worse.

It's your (sometimes) uncontrolled behavior and response to people around you: from partners, other professionals, vendors, family and neighbors who try to help you (tell you) what you are doing wrong.

When they suggest an approach, you instantly respond with "I know what I'm doing."

You are a "professional" after all.

I mean, your prominently displayed accolades and university degrees hanging on your wall in your (home) office should be obvious enough!

There is a DRASTIC, but simple solution: JUST STOP.

As hard this may be for you, it's time to hit the RESET button, and step back for a moment.

You need a fresh start. A different angle. A new perspective. The right one.

Yes, it includes finding a mentor or a business coach. Somebody who has gone before you, in the industry or market you have, and with the goals/direction you are trying to reach.

A healthy dose of steady personal development and modeling success from others will create a solid platform from which you will launch.

But, it’s more than that.

It’s not just self-help.

It's not about tools.

It's not about the technology.

It's not about the website, logo or fancy graphics, head-shot or company picture at your latest retreat.

It’s not about creating laggard teams and aggressive sales structures ala “Glengarry Glen Ross” or “Tin Men”.

This is not about preparing teams to do almost anything … legal or illegal… to close a sale.

In today’s more-than-competitive-fully-transparent world, it's about smarter strategies and an easily modeled process.

A Man Walks Into A Bar…

Who’s the man? Where is the bar located? What does he do next? What’s the whole story about?

You have no way of knowing, not enough data exists. It’s just a familiar and over-used intro at this point.

You cannot see or get results until you start with the end in mind.

The key to lead generation in a business like yours is to have a crystal-clear vision of who the perfect client, customer or patient is, and what results you are expecting/planning.

More importantly – continually determine and ask if they are the RIGHT lead.

Today’s lead generation schemes are not about writing more content, pushing daily blog posts, blasting emails, creating more videos, slides, spamming LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media platform with personal messages to people you don't know (or even 'sort of' know).

It's not about implementing the latest tricks on the hottest traffic platform and getting just any lead.

How do you begin to map out this framework for your business?

We’ll get to that.

I must first contradict myself.

Because …you are wanting to ask me this:

“Jon, are you saying that I should not do anything from this list below?”

Things like:

  • How to build traffic campaigns that convert and scale
  • How to rapidly build a content engine that creates visibility and share-ability amongst prospects, customers, search engines and social media
  • How to re-target with Facebook, Google or YouTube to get my perfect audience to come back and visit my landing, sales or blog pages
  • How to build an email list quickly and without sales pressure
  • How to create a podcast and push it to the top of the charts
  • How to use promoted posts in Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?
  • How to create targeted paid B2B ad campaigns using Linkedin?
  • How to create hybrid webinars (live & automated)
  • How to launch e-products and e-learning programs via smart behavioral click based marketing funnels
  • How to split test landing pages for maximum conversions
  • How to spy on the competition and create market research for the brand
  • How to sell on social media platforms and get organic leads daily
  • How to create landing pages, video sales letters and copywritten pages that sell
  • How to build email lists working with affiliates, partners, vendors
  • How to promote products and services via a content marketing plan
  • How to create upsell pages and partner offers
  • How to implement referral programs for positive payouts on both sides
  • How to set up Shopify and Amazon for boosting product sales
  • How to master google analytics
  • How to set up, run and manage my first Google Adwords campaign
  • How to SEO my site for top ranking in search engines
  • How to optimize my WordPress website for high user engagement and performance
  • How to get more blog subscribers
  • How to get more followers and traffic from Twitter
  • How to create perfect offers and get more sales
  • How to audit social media
  • How to audit SEO and websites
  • How to audit my marketplace
  • How to create a blog and get more traffic & customers
  • How to create high engagement headlines for posts, pages and emails
  • How to use AdEspresso for Facebook ads management
  • How to create exit intent popups on my website
  • How to build a YouTube channel.
  • How to create YouTube videos that rank in BOTH search and YouTube
  • How to use Infusionsoft, Unbounce, LeadPages, Marketo or Hubspot to build custom landing pages and marketing funnels
  • How to get certified as a professional marketer
  • How to create a contest that goes viral
  • How to automate social media postings, reports and lead generation
  • How to build a revenue generating membership site
  • How to optimize e-commerce checkout pages and buy pages
  • How to find the best domain name and top hosting provider
  • ETC…

And, this is just the short list!

I wrote these down to make a point.

While many of these are great ideas – and they include quality tools and opportunities to drive traffic, leads and to build a conversion funnel from – they are not where you must start.

It’s overwhelming. You have enough information.

Instead, you need focus and direction. (For most of you, that means a complete mindset shift, and reset as mentioned above)

Let me repeat this: we don’t want to start with any of these!

It’s a huge leaky bucket of information that will suck your wallet dry.

The New Economy Has Changed Your Business…FOREVER.

Here’s what Wikipedia defines ‘new economy’ as:

“The new economy is the result of the transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. This particular use of the term was popular during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s. The high growth, low inflation and high employment of this period led to overly optimistic predictions and many flawed business plans.”

What does “Sales In The New Economy” look like?

Let’s step back in history for a moment.

There are sales people who are considered top of their ladder that still teach ‘old school’ methods. Some of these trainers are now in their mid-50’s, as late as in their 80’s and others have passed on (The infamous Zig Ziglar, for one)

Selling in all its glorious dimensions has changed more in the previous 10 years than it has over the last 100 years. Assumptions about selling in the traditional manner has crumbled. And, as you’ve seen “Selling” does not have a stellar reputation.







These power words are paramount to understand and learn to use in today’s world.

Ultimately, it’s about behavioral change – initially, to YOUR advantage perhaps, but you must ultimately serve your audience with your products or services, or you will fail… i.e. no sales.

That begins with fully understanding the prospects perspective, get closer to what’s going on inside their head, and walking a mile in his/her shoes.

You must become a master of influence, and it starts with you. Remove the constraint and you are heading in the right direction!

Marketing Is “Influence” And These 5 Proven Cornerstones…

The process starts with your influence in their journey to create a highly-interested prospect for your services and/or products.

Get these 5 done:

  1. a) The right message, placed in front of the
  2. b) Right people, with the
  3. c) Right methods, within the
  4. d) Right media, and at the
  5. e) Right time

… and you have cracked the code.

To make things a bit more complex, these ‘boxes of data’ must be researched, created and tested.

Testing as I said, is one of the most under-used and powerful ways to elevate your campaigns. It’s also very easy to implement using scripting and software to help you.

Pre-eminence is the keyword for change in your business.

It means that each impression found for your name and/or brand is “everywhere”. You ‘automagically’ pop up where your audience lives.

This trust building and positioning is the New Economy.

Corporate America, politicians, investment firms on Wall-Street, religious leaders and sports athletes are being lambasted in the media, and how these messages transform the “trust” indicators for most people in the US and across the world.

The sub-prime loans disaster was the biggest breaking point.

The bar for credible communication has been raised.

You cannot just tell your story and list features and benefits. The “ABC” acronym doesn’t help.

Consumers view you differently today in decades’ past.  They assume that you are out to get them, and manipulate them.

In other words, your message is not being heard – even though they may see your ad, post or page.

Therefore, the idea of pre-eminence must be considering in 100%. This is the most important thing you’ll learn in step one.

Building trust is good, but it’s not enough. Better pricing, or better customer service is no good. Everybody says the same.

The old selling strategies from 10-20 years ago, are “dead”. You cannot use antiquated techniques and expect them to work today. The whole “let me talk to my manager” is the most underhanded tactic used today. Customers know it!

Today’s tactics still… are under major scrutiny. You are starting at the wrong end of the stick.

There has never been a more important time to ensure that your communication, your messages, your positioning and message match to the marketplace is 100% in check.

It goes beyond that though.

You must be wholly focused on the prospect and leave your own needs at the proverbial door.

The discomfort you feel when struggling to get your point across is real, people.

Persuasion is a prominent keyword in selling. It’s not a one-stop event, though. You must warm up the prospects.

Who Do You Communicate With And How?

You know the difference between these types of prospects:

  1. Hot leads
  2. Warm leads
  3. Cold leads


How do you communicate with a hot lead vs. a cold lead?

And, when using inbound marketing strategies, what do you say to these folks, at what stage and in which bucket (hot, warm, cold)?

Important: Lots of selling is done via email. It’s one of the highest online selling channels today. Yet, it’s done poorly. Most messages are “in your face”, and it’s so obvious it hurts. A “sign up for the newsletter” is bad. What’s worse is the instant “selling” scripts that happen. And, if they capture your phone information, they will call you in minutes, and the sales pressure begins. Resistance ensues. Sales are lost.

Becoming a trusted authority will blow the socks off the competition and will fully engage the prospects to move them through your funnel.

So, by the time you speak with them, they are 95% ready to buy.

This is when marketing works is best: by creating pre-interest through an indoctrination period.

You are sifting, sorting and filtering to find the right people that you can solve problems for -- with your solution or product. That’s why you are in business.

The leads almost close themselves. A commitment to join you, to buys from you has been made in advance from your marketing and messages.

You still must close them. For example, receiving 100 leads a week that are ready to buy, should have an expected 80% close rate if you do it right.

Traditional selling is GONE, but millions of sales people are using hard-core selling tactics still.

The new digitally fueled, modern day skeptic rests at your doorstep. (Actually you’ll have to invite them in, and use communication and persuasion)


Why so much discussion around SALES?

Because nothing moves until something is sold.

Marketing helps build the attachment to you, your products, services and brand, but sales is the transaction element and these two areas must be synched and understood.

It’s the executive’s job with the teams they support to create consistency between messages, market and media.

Still, “telling is not selling”. It’s about persuasion on their side. Behavioral science tells us that a CONNECTION that meets the need at the right time is essential.

Are You Doing Image Marketing Or Direct Response Marketing?

Too much time, money and energy is spent on brand marketing. These are the high-cost, low engagement advertisements you see in magazines, TV, billboards. Most of the time, they contain a pretty image, models, product hero-shots and little else.

Instead, as you get closer to developing your NEW marketing strategy for lead generation (called demand-generation in B2B), include the idealistic elements of a direct response campaign instead.

Here’s what a direct response marketing campaign contains that yield engagement with your message:

  • A strong, clear message to your target market

  • A compelling and crystal clear message

  • A deadline for the thing you are offering

  • A specific, unique and clear call to action

There are many moving parts here, but begin to learn more about these and start putting them into practice. It is a must.

Once you start building traffic and moving your perfect prospect through your funnel, you’ll have data to look at. And, if you think about it – marketing is purely match & psychology.

You share messages with your perfect target audience, and you understand what is going on their world. (and yes, you must). “Enter the conversation going on inside their head”.

Since the dawn of man, human psychology has not changed much. A lot of you focus on tools, and new tactics, when in fact the basics work, and will always work.

Learning human behavior is the best thing you can do for your business (and your own life). Get personal.

The Essential Steps To Take For Change

  • Research your market
    • Competition (ads, content, display)
    • Online / Offline opportunities
    • Journals, trade magazines
    • Mailing lists
    • Keywords, traffic numbers
    • Get your list of “top 100” – your dream clients
    • Crystal clear on your USP
  • Messages / Content
    • Landing pages (includes posts, articles too)
      • Killer headlines
      • Low friction opt-in
      • Strong emotional reasons to continue
      • Clear call to action, psychological trigger
      • Retargeting strategy for those who don’t opt-in
      • Segmented thank you pages with upsell and confirmation of ‘what’s next’
    • Conversion strategy
      • Establish your goals (# of new subscribers, downloads, etc)
      • Funnel build out
      • Email marketing (nurturing touch points)
    • Unique offers
      • What is your “best and most specific” offer?
      • Use standard templates and layouts
      • Make it easy to purchase (credit card, paypal, stripe, etc)
      • Learn copywriting, it’s the #1 strategy, really
    • CRM list management
      • Tie in your landing pages and offers to CRM backend
      • Segment / categorize opt-ins, make it specific
      • Clean out hard bounces
      • Leverage your list to upload to Facebook ‘custom audiences’
    • Media
      • Where do they hang out?
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • YouTube
      • Pinterest
      • Twitter
      • Blogs / networks

To recap, here are the keys to avoiding mistakes in your lead gen:

  • Know your audience, and the purchasing behaviors on a personal level
  • Matching your messages with a strong offer and using an educational, highly authoritative voice to build trust
  • Clear call to action
  • Testing everything - across relevant media

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you have discovered the most important principles for immediate results.  You may have been looking for a list of mistakes, but they are hidden in this post. Now you know.

To your success!

Jon Rognerud


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