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If you are an established business with strong presence in the marketplace, I'm looking to help you explode your business and bring in massive results.

I will personally do 99% of the work to help you double, triple or maybe even quadruple your revenue over the next 3, 6 to 12 months. Book a FREE SESSION and I'll give you an INSTANT review and my MILLION dollar custom blueprint!

ROI-Driven Paid Media Buyer Strategy + Management: YouTube Ads, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads

JH "On top of superb results, Jon is a first-class human being who cares about the people he works with. Jon and his team will go above and beyond to make sure clients have the support and guidance they need to win long term. He's a trusted partner to grow your business rapidly and profitably with paid ads. - Jason Hornung, President, JH Media"

YouTube ads and Google Ads Strategy and Full Management
Expert brand building, lead generation and sales funnels for coaches, consultants, experts, business owners and service professionals.


  • Facebook ads, creatives, copy, optimization, scaling
  • YouTube ads, Google Ads, Shopping and Display Network ads, targeting & remarketing
  • Landing pages, copy, A/B testing, 40-60% conversion rate on stage 1 opt-in lead gen
  • Facebook ad optimization focus: impression drops, CTR improvement, audience research, custom audiences and retargeting, CPA reduction, relevancy optimization, complete campaign buildouts, ads management and reporting
  • Brand visibility & viral reach explosion
  • Sales funnels, opt-in/ty pages, webinar funnels, e-commerce funnels, nurture funnels
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Pixel tracking, advanced implementation (timers), dashboard analytics, Google analytics, code implementation & management
  • Complete setup of funnels with Clickfunnels, DropFunnels, WordPress, OptimizePress, Shopify (e-commerce) sites, product research, Facebook ads traffic and standard events tracking for WC (Website conversion), PPE (Page post engagement), ATC (add to cart) campaigns and ads, lookalikes and retargeting frameworks using videos (1:1) and static images and DPA's that draw customers in.


  • Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Course Creators
  • Ecom & Retail
  • Real estate
  • Health/wellness
  • Technology
  • Education & training
  • Event Marketing (Eventbrite integrations)
  • Universities, schools, parents
  • Publishing
  • Professional services (legal, financial, doctors, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, experts)
  • Software


  • Lead magnet strategy & development
  • Lead gen pages, thank you pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, book funnels, webinar funnels
  • "Pre-frame" and "Pre-Sell" content pages and product lifts


  • Email/CRM: Keap, hubspot, activecampaign, mailchimp, aweber, marketo, salesforce
  • Landing pages: Clickfunnels, optimizepress, leadpages, unbounce
  • Learning platforms: Kajabi, Teachable, Custom WordPress plugins, Learndash
  • Social Media: YouTube, Meta/FB, LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored Mail, Sponsored Posts (B2B)
  • Paid Search: YouTube Video Ads, FB, Google Adwords, Display, Performance Max
  • Reporting & Integration: Facebook reporting, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Wickedreports (I'm a Wicked Partner), custom Excel dashboards + personal online detailed reporting, accessible 24x7.

Why You Might Choose To *NOT* Work With Me:

Don't choose me if you are not focused on building sustainable business strategies, where I create and optimize ads and conversion funnels from paid advertising.

I use a 'direct response marketing' approach using a combined "old-school" (content & context) with a high-tech approach using A/B testing and behavioral dynamic response. You should expect to spend at least $5k/month advertising budget to start. (I'll show you how to scale this to $50k/day and up)

If you're not interested in getting leads and growing sales, don't book the appointment. Tire-kickers belong somewhere else. I work with higher end businesses focused on BIG growth.

Real Results from Real Businesses

Check out more real testimonials from some of our previous customers and clients.  All results and testimonials are verifiable and on file. None of these clients were compensated for what they say.

NOTE: New case studies and results are provided on a requested basis.

More Client Testimonials & Feedback

From all the books and projects on search and social media, we were excited finally get your help and revamped the direction of our business. The changes in strategies, tactics and doubling of traffic and leads saved our business! Thank you.

Kari Mitchell | Plastic Surgery and Spa Center, Dallas


It is important to listen to a digital expert with hands on experience. What better way to get hands on experience with advertising and digital strategies than to actually have worked full time for a search engine firm, Yahoo. Working as an insider at a search engine firm like Yahoo alone makes someone an expert in search.

Paul Rock | Event Planning Director


Jon is a true professional and I would recommend him without reservation. He has that rare mix of technical expertise and business savvy that is invaluable in addressing any business problem.

Jim Ehrenberg | Microsoft Sharepoint


Your vast knowledge and detailed implementation of your custom strategies are very impressive and we saw a tripling of doctor leads over the first 60 days! You are so professional and are really focused on what will bring the most success to client.

Katina Bingham | Health Practice Marketing - Owner


Many profess expertise but Jon truly validates his knowledge with solid results. He not only has a deep understanding of search marketing but possesses a deep well of business intelligence. He applies solid business methodologies to drive sustainable results. I was equally impressed with his passion to let others in on the "secret" of search. He opens up the world of search in a way that can be understood by those who are not experts. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is serious about moving their business forward.

Karen Swim | CEO, APR


Your strategies and tactics for SEO and inbound traffic were implemented with great success. Highly recommended, and we continue to build and nurture the relationship

Thad Gerber | CEO/Founder - Velocity Networks

The Most Agreed Upon FORMULA To Profits In Digital Marketing Today

Across the globe - any CEO, business owner, marketer and sales executive will tell you that the clearest and most straight path to profits must begin with "targeted traffic that converts and achieves ROI as fast as possible".

In our business and with our clients - that's what we focus on - using digital marketing strategies from paid to organic media. We help bring the most relevant buyer to your virtual or brick-and-mortar "door-step". Our 17+ years proven blueprint can get you there too, and we'll customize, create the map and send it to you immediately after the strategy call.

Some of the companies we work with and use our strategies...


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As you've seen, we are serious about business growth - and therefore - this is not for everybody. We choose to work with growth-minded businesses who already exist in the marketplace and has leadership, partners, customers, clients and patients who are happy. And, we will launch your campaigns, FREE.

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