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  • 24-hour turnaround of going live
  • 3-day traffic boost to validate success
  • Free training

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your "3-day free trial" work?

We create a special post for you that is not seen by your regular social media activity. For example, you are likely posting updates into your news feed now. Posts may range from specials, discounts and promotions. You may post it yourself or an outside agency or consultant. You will continue to do this, but we specialize in creating targeted advertising that uses a 'dark' post that's uniquely positioned towards your target audience. We'll have real metrics (not just 'likes') - and reports that show traffic, click through, cost, reach and much more. UPDATE August: Facebook is changing the rules on 'liking' pages, and it can and will affect you. It will be permanent in November 2014.)

How much will this cost?

You can get started for FREE. If you decide you need more help, we run the "3-day test" for you. That gets you results at a low risk. We can also determine if we want to work together further. We test ads for 3 days @ $10.00/day. Your total investment + training is less than 100 bucks. Why so low? We are looking for perfect fit clients and enjoy creating 'good will' for our community. No contracts to start, and no hidden sales pitches. Register above now - and watch the video for full details.

What about if I'm new to Facebook Ads?

Even better. We'll show you how it works, what mistakes to avoid, the best practices for setup, ad/image use, copy, targeting options and bid strategies. Since we are focused on education as well as program execution, it allows you a first-hand look at the process and so you can measure results at the same time.

How can I get started?

Please register via the form on this page. A brief video will explain the steps and what to expect. If you decide to watch the training, it's complimentary (no charge). You can get started right away. If you need more help, you may decide to try us out at a later point. That's totally fine with us.

How is this different than 'normal' social media management on Facebook?

Posting, sharing, commenting, liking... we all do it. For your business, it's now part of your visibility, branding and growth. But it's really about creating a community and engaging incoming visitors to your website, increasing calls, form submissions and getting more foot-traffic (if you are local business). A proper social media strategy must be created an executed. But, it can take a long time to see results. Or, your daily postings doesn't seem to work. They don't reach the customers, clients or patients you really want to attract. We specialize in getting you the a) right audience, b) create the right messages, c) leveraging the right media channel, at the right time.

I don't know you or your services - can you be trusted?

Nothing is more important than the "know, like and trust" model online today. We invite you to visit this link and search in Google.  Ultimately, if you are not happy with the 3-day test, and it was not helpful, we'll refund any $ spent on our services (but, not any advertising paid to FB).

Can I do this myself?

We love business owners and Entrepreneurs that take action. Since we focus on making sure you are an educated customer, we show you - with full transparency how it's done. You can model this, and use it for yourself.

I'm not sure if FB advertising will work for my business?

With over 1.3 Billion users on FB, your competitors, prospects and customers already on the platform, we offer a unique, low risk way of getting started. The combination of low cost hyper-targeted traffic, a unique offer/promotion with great conversion metrics makes it a 'must-test' mantra for business today. If you have considered or used Google Adwords, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Advertising, you know it's both complex and expensive to get started. Get started today and let's turn on targeted traffic in the next 24 hours!

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