killer tips for getting more clients

Killer Tips To Get More Clients Online

The lifeblood of your business is going to always be centered around these core principles below. In this presentation, I share 30+ tips and strategies to help you achieve success in the client attraction and signing process. Watch the Killer Tips To Get More Clients Video now: Please share if you find this useful, and…

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Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Online Business?

This presentation is for you if you are a business owner and marketer, and want to sell products and services online. Do you make these mistakes in your ____ business? Insert your business here. This is me, Jon Rognerud at I made that actually blank here because I see this across of multitudes of…

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How To Sell More Using Facebook Ads (Retargeting)

Today’s post is about sales. Selling. Value. Differentiation. Exchanging value for money…so you can grow more, better, faster. Watch the “how to sell using Facebook ads video” now: We’re going to talk about Facebook advertising once again. A Functional Sales Model If you are struggling to sell on Facebook and via your ads, it’s most likely because…

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How To Create A Celebrity Status With Facebook Ads

Question: How do you get your message seen by millions? Would you like to get a celebrity-like status for your own business? There is a way to hack your way to ‘celebrity-dom’ with unique Facebook advertising tricks. Here’s the video that explains how to create celebrity status with Facebook ads: Promotion With a solid promotional…

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How To Perfectly Target Facebook Ads

This is the latest presentation on how to get better results from targeting within the Facebook ads platform. Watch the “How To Target Facebook Ads Perfectly” A question we get often is this: “How do we best target our Facebook ads”? The idea that you present a message to a target audience is well known…

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The Really Bad News About Facebook Advertising

What? Facebook Advertising? Facebook ads and the entire ads platform can seem like hell on earth at times. In fact, you are probably struggling with the whole idea right now. Watch the negative Facebook ads video: As a business owner, marketer and entrepreneur, you’re excited to share your message, your products, your services – your…

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How To Improve Google Ranking

[The below recorded from a previous webinar] Okay, great. All right. Thank you so much. I am, of course, super excited here. This is a special time we’re going to share together here for about 45-60 minutes. We’re going to dive into the aspects of dominating and improving Google Rankings. Watch the Google Ranking Authority…

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Starting Facebook Ads The Right Way

Watch the presentation on Facebook Ads done the right way: Summary: “When it comes to Facebook Ads, most get it wrong from the start.” – Jon Rognerud However, it’s not about the tools or the platform. It’s about the fact that most business owners don’t consider the REAL keys to success…before starting anything online! In this…

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Financial Planning For Baby Boomers

With many baby boomers reaching retirement age, financial planning has become even more important for this generation. (Boomers are born approximately between the years 1946 and 1964). While Social Security provides some of your retirement income (see the ‘Social Security Quick Calculator’ here), it is rarely enough for a happy, secure retirement. Research shows… According to the National…

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Easy and Fast Ways To Get More Buyer Leads

In this episode of the “sitdown” – I’ll discuss some controversial (perhaps) and sound ideas that you can use to get quality leads from your business right now. These are great strategies that work amazingly well, and as you’ll see – it’s not hard to get the data to implement them either. Watch the “fast…

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