Facebook Ads: How To Sell More Now

The Rules For A Smarter Selling Model With Facebook Ads If you are struggling to sell on Facebook and via your ads, it’s most likely because you are “forcing your message” to the wrong people, at the wrong time – and only to the top percent of buyers. What about the “other” folks out there?…

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Facebook Ads Retargeting To Double Sales And Lower Ad Spend

If you are advertising on the Facebook platform (“Facebook ads”), you are very likely missing a BIG opportunity to sell more of your goods and services using paid advertising and retargeting. It’s a known fact that most first time visitors don’t engage (call to action) with what you are offering or presenting. Here are some case…

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Facebook Ads: What Marketing Objective Should You Start With?

The Facebook ads campaign objective can be confusing What should you choose if you want to generate more leads into your business… faster? And, that has a low CPC and CPA? I posed this question last week to a Facebook Marketing Expert (yes, from Facebook corporate). The answer was very specific and immediate. (In her…

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Google SEO Webinar – SEO Class Webcast

Are you struggling with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), rankings and traffic?  Do you constantly wonder what to do next in your digital strategy – and especially on the topic of “search engines”? Do you feel that SEO takes too long, and you’re sick and tired of trying? Or … are your competitors overtaking YOUR spots…

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A Different Facebook Ad Template That Rocks

In this video, I’ll teach you a different way to create your Facebook ad. This will help you attract better clicks and draw attention in from your perfect prospect, customer. You can download the template guide and learn how to do this yourself. Here’s the Facebook Ads Template video: After you’ve watched this, you can…

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