Facebook provides many opportunities for businesses to generate leads and sales through their advertising platform. The Facebook platform is a powerful tool that should be utilized in order to reach a larger audience, exposure for your brand, and sales.

Businesses can use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to their website or online store, increase brand awareness, create loyalty among customers, or anything else related to business goals. Keep reading to learn more about the best Facebook campaign type for sales.

While there are many types of Facebook advertising campaign types, we recommend using one of the following three types of campaigns in order to generate sales: (Note: beware of the first one. We still include it, because it’s warranted under certain situations. #2 and #3 are the recommended ones)

  1. Website Traffic Campaigns
  2. Conversion Campaigns
  3. Catalog Sales Campaigns


Traffic campaign type


Sales campaign type (conversion campaign)
  1. Website Traffic Campaigns:
    A website traffic campaign is designed to send visitors from Facebook to your website. You can use this campaign type if your goal is to increase traffic to your website or online store. When setting up this campaign type, you will need to select your campaign objective as “traffic” and then choose “website traffic” as your optimization goal. This will allow Facebook to optimize your ads for the sole purpose of sending people from Facebook to your website. (Note: This will drive cheap traffic, but not highly converting, so be aware)
  2. Sales / Conversion Campaigns:
    A conversion campaign is designed to get people to take a specific action on your website, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. This campaign type is different from a website traffic campaign because it is optimized for conversions rather than clicks. In order to set up a conversion campaign, you will need to select your campaign objective as “conversions” and then choose the specific conversion event you want people to take on your website.
    You can further customize your conversion campaign by choosing the placement of your ads, such as Instagram or Messenger, as well as adding additional targeting options, such as demographics or interests. By optimizing your conversion campaign in this way, you will be able to reach people who are more likely to take the desired action on your website.
  3. Catalog Sales Campaigns:
    A catalog sales campaign is designed for businesses that have an (e-commerce) online store with multiple products for sale. This type of campaign allows businesses to showcase their products within Facebook and then send potential customers directly to their product page on the business’s website. In order to set up a catalog sales campaign, you will need to select “Catalogs” as your business type within Facebook Business Manager and then upload your product catalog into Facebook Ads Manager. After you have done this, you will be able create dynamic ads that showcase multiple products from your catalog and target them towards specific audiences based on demographics, interests, or previous interactions with your business (such as people who have visited your website in the past). By using a catalog sales campaign, you will be able increase brand awareness for your products and drive traffic to your website where potential customers can purchase them.

Overall, we recommend the best Facebook campaign type for sales is a #2 and #3 above, but test traffic campaign types when you have a proven funnel and depending on the specific goals of the business.

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