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Jon Rognerud Business Management Consulting and Marketing

Jon Rognerud is a growth-centric business management consultant, Facebook direct response ad strategist, Google Media Buyer and advisor to medium sized businesses that want to grow faster, online.

While tactics are important, I have discovered there are only three things you need for success online:

  1. Qualified traffic
  2. A killer offer
  3. Conversions + follow-up

These can be built in various ways, but it’s not about SEO, PPC (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc), Social media or ad-banners, blogs, affiliate networks, guest posting in specific.

Rather, it’s about getting clarity in who your perfect target audience is, what is working/not working, where you are now, and where you want/need to go.

Get a mile-stone driven plan in place and decide on the most effective strategies, tactics & tools that will support that plan.

While I often focus on search engines, integrated marketing solutions and online strategies, off-line campaigns COMBINED with intelligent online processes can big the MAGIC you are looking for.

But this is just one thought.

I help businesses create their OWN launch plans, help execute (fulfillment) and teach them how they can fit/update these into new business frameworks that fit their world.

For example, below are just a few questions I get on SEO.

FAIR WARNING – these are just examples, not strategies!

Is SEO (search engine optimization) and Online Marketing Difficult?

But I’ve found that business owners really are thinking about things like:

  • Can I do SEO myself, or do I need to hire or outsource staff?
  • How long does it take to see results in the search engines?
  • What are the best keywords for my business and market?
  • Should I change my domain name?
  • How much time will it take out of my day? (time management concerns)
  • Do I have to design a new website? How about the old one, can I still use it?
  • How do I create and optimize my pages?
  • What is the best way to get ranked in Google?
  • Is SEO traffic the best option for me now?
  • Should I engage with social media instead of SEO?
  • Should I just advertise using PPC instead?
  • Do I need to set up a blog?
  • Are certifications important when hiring an online marketing expert?
  • Are links still valuable – I heard Google is penalizing some of these tactics?
  • and on and on and on…

I created this blog to try to answer questions like these + share my insights to help the business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to improve their online life and business results. This must start by becoming more educated about what online marketers do and what systems, processes, tools and strategies actually work.

We also provide SEO Services to help you get found more easily online including enhancing the entire user experience via high performance websites. We have been providing services for years now, and we only use white hat (SEO best practices) solutions. Plus, we love to follow and study the search engines on an almost daily basis including writing about SEO and online marketing related topics. I am committed to creating information as accurately as possible, realizing that things can and will change. Conversations can get heated (even controversial) at times, but always look for the best outcomes and fair community involvement.

About Jon Rognerud I came to this country from Scandinavia over 25 years ago as a musician (guitar and lead vocals). While I was playing music in Los Angeles and specifically in Hollywood — and working in recording studio sessions, I found a job with a technology company in Culver City. The music didn’t pay the bills, but software sure did! I learned to program in several software languages and began helping people and companies with software applications and database problems. Today, I am a full-time Internet Marketer and consultant. I published my first web page in 1995. Since I was programming using Microsoft Technology at the time, and had been for 10 years up to that point, I thought HTML (using a Netscape browser) was ridiculous.

HTML too simple (or not)? A simple page, with a name field input box and a submit button, I thought it was beneath me. And, who in the world would use this? It was so simple. I used sophisticated tools, advanced programming languages (C, MASM, VB, SQL),  and programming workbenches! But, fast forward about a year, and I had built a 20-page website with optimized pages, graphics and navigation. It felt like a real ‘application’ – all running in Internet Explorer and Netscape. I’ve learned a lot since then. Want to know how?

The Internet & Business. The web was real to me then, and has become everything to me now. I train, coach, and speak about SEM & Internet Marketing strategies. Every business is different, so each marketing strategy (online & offline) is tailored to overcome the pain organizations face at that time. I love the challenge of each assignment, whether it’s helping to create something completely brand new, or re-architecting and changing existing assets or processes. I understand technology and marketing, and have spent 20+ years in business solutions and consulting. I am very comfortable in conversations from the executive board-room, across company business units, to delivering my transformational training systems and keynotes from the stage.

Get In The Game. If the aim is not to transform your life or business, you ought to reconsider! Life’s too short. I help businesses grow and infuse more abundance into people’s lives along the way. I provide immense value to those who are willing & able. “90% of business success IS marketing – 100% of the time” – J.Rognerud

Book:  The Ultimate Guide To Search Engine Optimization
Email: contact [at] jonrognerud [dot] com

One-Line Bio: Jon Rognerud is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization, and author, columnist of Search Marketing at Entrepreneur Magazine.

Short Bio: After leaving Yahoo in late 2004, Jon began a search marketing firm in 2005 that lead to a new company, Chaosmap Internet Marketing Architects. Jon is the author of the SEO book, “The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization” (Entrepreneur/Mcgraw-Hill). A new book on SEO and internet marketing has arrived in bookstores across the nation (January 2011). He writes about search engine marketing, online business strategies and entrepreneurial mindset insights. He speaks, trains and coaches organizations in the US and abroad on how to build and run their Internet Marketing Strategies for increased profits — using SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click and more.

These testimonials have not been paid to provide feedback, and the results may vary, and not guaranteed.

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What other people are saying:

“Jon is one of the most knowledgeable SEOs in the Internet Marketing industry. His warmth, generosity, and humbleness are a breath of fresh air in an business characterized by a vast, dark, cold-hearted underbelly. Jon has been extremely generous in providing me valuable advice that helped me move beyond roadblocks in my consulting business. Though his knowledge and skill are light years ahead of mine, people like Jon inspire me to achieve my best, so that one day, I provide value back to him, or in the very least, pay it forward.”
– Lorna Li, Senior Social Media SEO Manager,

“Jon is a top notch professional who truly has a passion for his craft. He is generous with his knowledge and truly takes time to educate the client. He is incredibly talented but not at all exclusive or snotty with his knowledge. Jon was the first search expert who truly made me feel like I too could be part of the club. I have recommended him to others who have experienced phenomenal results. He is my go-to expert for all things search marketing. I highly recommend Jon and his services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”
– Karen Swim, Owner, Words For Hire, LLC

“Jon’s exceptional expertise and industry knowledge are only shadowed by his passion enthusiasm and fiery personality. He is truly committed to really making a change and building amazing campaigns and strategies that exceed clients expectations. I consider Jon a true mentor and authority in the online marketing and data management and analysis industry. The expertise and experience he bring to any project or endeavor is well worth whatever it takes to get him there. I look forward to working with Jon and utilizing his exceptional skill for years to come. His personality is warm and friendly, with plenty of “No BS” methodology which is extremely valuable to any individual of business. He will shoot straight with you and will tell you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Great person and industry guru in the truest sense.”
– Fabiano Moura, CEO, Zero Point Business LLC

“Jon is in a class, light-years from any SEO consultant I have met in Los Angeles. If you are looking for an industry leader with bleeding edge SEO knowledge, you are at the right place.”
 Steve SEO, Owner SEO consultant, Social Media SEO

“It is important to listen to an SEO expert with hands on experience. What better way to get hands on experience with SEO than to actually have worked full time for a search engine firm, Yahoo. Working as an insider at a search engine firm like Yahoo alone can make someone an expert in SEO.”
– Paul Rothbein, Website Owner and Internet Marketer, Libeti LLC

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