Facebook’s Ads Library is a great place to look for ad inspiration, especially if you’re in the B2C space, even B2B.

Here are a few ad angles / gems we found that could help take your next ad campaign to the next level!

The Facebook Ads Library is a tool that allows users to view, search, and review current and past ads running on the social media platform.

The library includes all active and inactive ads related to your business markets that have run on Facebook or Instagram in the past.

Although the library is extensive, finding the right ad idea can still be a daunting task. The key is to combine your avatar research, creative research and offer structures to create compelling ad creatives.

The ads library will give you creative ideas and hook ideas.

facebook ads library functionality - jon rognerud
Facebook (Meta) Ads Library

We’ve gone through and hand-picked a few of our favorite ideas / angles that we think could be especially impactful for businesses in your space:

  1. Gem A: The “Product Teaser” Ad
    This ad type does an excellent job of piquing potential customers’ interest without giving too much away. It teases the viewer with just enough information to get them interested, but leaves them wanting more. This type of ad is great for generating leads and getting people onto your website or landing page.
  2. Gem B: The “Problem/Solution” Ad (see PAS copywriter’s formula)
    This ad angle hits on a common pain point for business owners: They’re always looking for ways to generate more leads and business. Your product or service has a solution to that problem. By showcasing the problem and then presenting the product or service as the solution, you can create an effective ad that speaks directly to your target audience. Note: You should combine Facebook, Google and LinkedIn for a more holistic exposure into your brand as you grow your concepts.
  3. Gem C: The “Before/After” Ad
    Before/after ads shows how service solutions and products can help businesses take their sales to the next level. For example, using a before image that is somewhat drab, while the after image is much more vibrant and eye-catching, showing results can work well. This type of ad is great for demonstrating the value of your product or service by showing what it’s capable of.

The Facebook Ads Library is a great resource for businesses of all shapes and sizes who are looking for some creative inspiration for their next ad campaign.

We hope you found this overview helpful and that you’ll keep these three types in mind when brainstorming your own ads. You also should use options like semrush.com and adbeat.com

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