IF YOU GET ON THE WAITING LIST: When we open up, we invite you to an exclusive program, and it's limited. It's only for existing businesses that are established in their marketplace. Here's how it works: You schedule a call with us, and we reveal the process and show you everything. If after the call you didn't feel like we provided at least 10X in value, and that you couldn't not implement any of it, just tell us - and we'll write you a check for $750.00, just for "wasting" your time.

This is only for persons that are unhappy where they are now ... in their life and business. This is not for whiners and get rich quick folks. (If we decide to work together, we will leave that up to you.)

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Jon Rognerud is the author of the Ultimate Guides To Search Engine Optimization with Entrepreneur Magazine (Press).

He has been creating and building online programs in B2B and B2C markets, from technology, software, financial services and real estate for over 15 years.