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"Jon is one of the most knowledgeable SEOs in the Internet Marketing industry. His book has been providing me valuable advice that helped me move beyond roadblocks."

Lorna Li Lorna Li

What People Say About Jon's SEO Projects

  • Michael Bonfils, Managing Director, SEM International

    One of the smartest tactics that event planners can do is to consider hiring speaker and digital consultant, Jon Rognerud. He has great pace and energy coupled with a deep subject matter expertise in SEO, content and digital marketing strategy.

  • Dennis Yu, CTO and Facebook Guru, Blitzmetrics

    Jon is an all around master of many digital topics and a delightful public speaker. And, he is a legitimate rock star!

  • Josh McCoy, Lead Strategist, Vizion Interactive

    Jon is a tenured voice in the digital marketing space bringing well thought and executed ideas to help a listening audience fine-tune their digital approach.

  • Jay Wilkinson, CEO Firespring

    When we were looking for the most authoritative voice in Search Engine Optimization, our search stopped when we found Jon. He has forgotten more about SEO than I ever knew in the first place! Our company is now better armed and suited to serve our customers than we ever have been in the past.

  • Andy Beal, Author & Speaker

    Mr. Rognerud has a long history in technology, business consulting, and web development. His new book reflects that knowledge and experience in the search marketing field. He is a smart guy, and for folks starting in SEO, I suggest you pick up a copy.

  • Lorrie Thomas Ross, M.A., Author, "The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course to Online Marketing,"

    Jon’s latest SEO book is the perfect prescription for anyone suffering from SEO overwhelm. Rognerud’s approach breaks down SEO in a simple-to-understand way then builds on visibility breakthrough concepts. I ultimately love this holistic approach to SEO. His strategic approach teaches how to get people TO a site but it also helps plan ways to get them THROUGH it to maximize ROI.

  • Mike Andrews, Managing Director - NovaStor

    I worked with Jon and team on key SEM (search engine marketing) projects. Since there is so much complexity on this topic, it was great to find someone who could help us understand what strategies and tactics to use, including what NOT to do. I would recommend you get in contact with Jon.

  • Karen Swim, President & CEO, Words For Hire

    Many profess expertise but Jon truly validates his knowledge with solid results. He not only has a deep understanding of search marketing but possesses a deep well of business intelligence. He applies solid business methodologies to drive sustainable results.

  • Fabiano Moura, Senior Marketing Director, SD Squared International

    Jon’s exceptional expertise and industry knowledge are only shadowed by his passion enthusiasm and fiery personality. He is truly committed to really making a change and building amazing campaigns and strategies that exceed clients expectations. I consider Jon a true mentor and authority in the online marketing and data management and analysis industry.

  • Thad Gerber, CEO, Velocity Network Design

    Your strategies and tactics for Search Engine Optimization were implemented with great success. Highly recommended, and we continue to build and nurture the relationship.

  • Katina Bingham, President, PPC Media

    Your vast knowledge and detailed implementation of your custom strategies are very impressive and we saw a tripling of leads over the first 60 days! You are so professional and are really focused on what will bring the most success to clients.

  • Kari Mitchell, President, K Mitchell Designs

    From all the books and projects on SEO, we were excited finally get your help and change the direction of our business. The changes in strategies, tactics and doubling of traffic and leads saved our business

  • Bryan Larimore, SVP of Business Development, IBEX

    I have known Jon for over 14 years and he is one of the most positive, energetic, and competent professionals I have ever worked with. Jon was responsible for leading our web site design team, managing our search engine functionality, and overall was a valued member of our technology team.

  • Barb Robertson, Web Director, CAMFT

    With a hands-on personalized approach, Jon runs SEO and website design experts who provide the necessary tools to generate a high ROI, greater accessibility, targeted traffic and long term page ranking. The service he provides is invaluable.

  • Don Tyler, Sr. Director Marketing for Dell Software

    I would highly recommend Jon’s team for any organization looking to take their SEO and SEM strategy to the next level.

  • Josh Korn, Associate Executive Search

    We had been struggling to uncover the right online strategies and website migration plans for our new rebrand. We knew Mr. Rognerud as a well-known SEO expert and business consultant — and we were lucky to get him in his busy schedule. His breadth of actionable marketing knowledge, search engine expertise and candid step-by-step approach, removed all the mysteries, mapped out the plan to follow, and got our site and back-office functionality working in no time. Dude, you’re one bad Rockstar!

  • Marie Stone, Vice-President, FirstService Residential

    Our site is not only visible but we are showing up first and second in searches. We have had significant actual business results with more than 17 requests for business proposals. The team is patient and willing to educate us along the way.

  • Joe Rogers, CEO, PMP - RGB Projects

    I’ve been working with Jon for many years on a wide array of projects and all I can say is that he is very direct, dynamic and creative with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to online marketing and technology in general. A valuable asset to any team, Jon is the consummate professional. I highly recommend him if you can afford him.

Are You Struggling With SEO? Don't!

Discover how to create a high-performance revenue machine from SEO... that keeps working even when you are sleeping. You'll see 3 powerful categories for a forensic SEO approach that you can implement in your own business. (You likely have one of them in your pocket already, but missing the most important ones!)

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Meet Jon Rognerud

Exciting Transformation For Intelligent Entrepreneurs

Jon is a 15-year expert business transformation advisor, consultant, copywriter, funnel expert and SEO strategist with 3 best-selling web optimization books with Entrepreneur Press. He's the founder of 2 digital firms, servicing medium-to-large size businesses.

Yet, he has no MBA or university degree in business, but has built several six figure training products for online sales growth. He provides business change via his 3-step "10x transformation formula" from consulting, coaching sessions and programs. He tells you like it is, a straight-shooter, providing new and exciting results.

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This 3-step formula breaks down in detail the SEO Forensic Audit formula, and how you can model this for your own business. And, you'll see how others do the same. This checklist and follow-up videos are easy to watch + transformative, as you'll see. Enter your info now, and I'll see you on the inside.

Oh, almost forgot - Let me ask you this final question: How much will things stay the same this year? Opportunities will pass you by if you don't take action. Since this is FREE, and the checklist is easy to consume, videos are short, don't miss this critical information to help you grow your online business with SEO and Google.