how to build more traffic from social media

How To Build More Traffic From Social Media

Creating content that your audience wants and is looking for is one of the most important places to begin your social media marketing strategy. Without quality content (video, audio, text, images, etc) that you create and share, you will not maximize the potential results with social media. Sure, you can share other people’s content, you…

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social media integration tools review

5 Social Media Integration Tools That Can Help You

Social Media Integration Tools can help you “see” and “engage” your marketplace in an easier, faster way. If you are not familiar with them, we showcase a few of them here. It will totally help the way you operate social media. You can follow along to see how much it costs (if any), if they…

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SEO for Musicians - Presentation Jon Rognerud

SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA Must Work Together (especially for Musicians)

I spoke at a recent musicians social media and SEO training event in Hollywood, California. I covered Search Engine Optimization and the importance of planning SEO Strategies for Musicians, Artists, Bands and more. I also spoke briefly about social media and the importance of content and sharing – so that you can build authority and…

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social media tip video use over text

Social Media Wins With Video Over Text

This is a social media tip to help you win more opportunity to build your brand, traffic and ultimately more business. How can you create a good test for your business and brand? Try videos. And, start simple. When using social media platforms, pictures and videos should be tested. Pictures, visual engagements pull 5 times…

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Instant Social Media Weirded Out People At This Conference

Social media is meant to be fun, not just all business, right? These folks certainly have found an interesting and strange way to engage. Some of the attendees at this conference were very surprised. What do you think?

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Big Corporate Social Media Campaigns That Work

Often when we think of social media use for business, we think about well known companies that are near and dear to our hearts. We would assume that Southwest Airlines would leverage social media, as would Dell Computers and Apple. They are what we would call “hip” brands that follow trends and embrace change and…

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7 Killer Reasons for B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B (Business to business) marketing and sales programs represent big budgets here (US) and abroad, but often not seen by the “masses” (hence the name). B2C (Business to Consumer) is more visible, popular – and part of the common marketplace. Therefore, B2C marketing is more seen, or better known. When you add strategies like social…

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Are You Jammin With Social Media? Look At This.

How’s your social media experience going? Are you having fun with it? Are joining, listening, engaging? Enjoying the huge cocktail-party of the web, are you? Social media is simply ‘media that is social’. The two-way communication and interaction using social networks is a must in today’s online world (if you want to live under a…

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Who Else Wants 600,000 New Users Per Month?

Agressive headline. Know it. However, if you understand how important users, visitors and traffic is to your website, it should get you into action faster. (and you can use this tool to do it). Read on. The online marketing space is filled with opportunities to drive more traffic and users. Have a great product or…

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Insiders Social Media Steps for Small Business Marketing

You have a website set up and you are creating great blog posts right? Now, what is the next step to promoting the company’s business? Your next step is social media marketing. The term social media simply means that you are using social skills and methods to market (and it’s not just online). It is…

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