How to get google local search rankings

5 Ways To Get Top Local Search Rankings in Google

Google is the leader in search. The massive 67% ownership of the search market (comScore) shows how a business who occupies top spots in Google Search, can drive big traffic when done right.  A high authoritative and trusted website and relevant pages that Google loves will do it. That matters in local search engine optimization…

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Top 18 Client Check List Questions For Local Online Marketing Consultants

As a local search marketing expert and business owner, you are attending to many duties. And, while we must clearly distinguish between “busy work” and “actual work” (productivity), the lines may seem blurry at times. Your main job should be focused on revenue generating duties. Your own work around products/services, pricing, placements and promotions must…

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11 Monster Ways To Improve Your Search Visibility

Are you struggling to get your website or brand listed when people search for you? This post contains key areas of you to work on and think about, so that you can be found more easily online. The action and concept of ‘finding data’ is not just theory of course, it’s been around, and a…

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4 Ways To Higher Ranking In Local Search Engines

Your small business is your own goldmine. Sure, sometimes it feels like quite the opposite, but mining for gold was never easy, right?. And, either way – it’s not an overnight process. Your overall plans and strategies must continually be monitored, measured and updated. For your online marketing, it’s the same deal. If you approach…

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Unlock Google's Secret Local SEO Logic

Smart local marketing implementation for a small business is the difference between winning or losing in today’s market. True, existing customers must be serviced, products developed & enhanced, and the financial and operational plans must be pursued. But, they mean nothing without the local marketing plans. Part of this intellectual marketing strategy, and subsequent logic…

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