In our ongoing quest to higher performance for our websites, many options exist. For example, you can drive more traffic, or increase your budget to provide better visibility for your web assets across multiple platforms, from banners to paid search (pay per click).

However, one of the easiest ways is to look at enhancing existing traffic and visitors to your website.

Here are 10 tools and strategies that will give you more insight to your current activities.

It will change the way you think about your website forever. Rule: Be open!

Usertesting – 29.00 per participant – 5 pack recommended

Crazyegg – pricing at 9.00/month and up to 99.00/month – free – similar to attentionwizard

Attentionwizard – 1 free heatmap every day, 27.00 for 10 heatmaps

Clicktale – pricing from free to 99 (Bronze) up to 790.00 (Gold)

Crossbrowsertesting – free trial19.95 (150 minutes per month) up to 199.00 (3,000 minutes)

Browsersize – free tool from Google

Kampyle – website feedback

Loop 11
loop 11 website optimization picture

Finally, even though not a urgent consideration for customer conversion for most websites, it is still important to know that speed (performance, how fast a page loads) is part of the Google algorithm of 200+ signals for ranking and visibility within search engines.

You are, or will not likely be penalized for this, but the faster your webpages load, the better – both for users and search engines.

The top websites in the world make sure their systems run fast and well. Shouldn’t you?

Here are some free page speed loading test tools:

More website performance tools found here.

What, if any of these tools have you tried?


Google Analytics also has an “overlay option” that allows you to ‘see’ activity on a page. It’s coming along, but not quite there yet. Check it out though.


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