isolation - get out sometimeDepending on what type of business you plan on pursuing, you might find yourself cut off a bit from other people.

Computer-based careers, for example, can have you working at home and never actually getting out and seeing people beyond the family for days on end.

While this is not a problem for many, it can drive some women bonkers, much to the chagrin of husband and family members.

Make sure you know where you stand on the issue before you move forward with a career choice that could put you in this position.

If you want to deal with the potential problem of isolation head on, there are some things that can help.

Here are 10 tips to consider for balancing moms home / work life:

Accepting local clients
Even if your business happens to be computer-based and nation wide in dealings, there is nothing wrong with accepting and soliciting local clients. This can get you out of the “office” once in a while and help you grow your business, too.

Planning off-time activities
It can be extremely beneficial to plan off-time activities that do not involve staying in the house. Even a trip to the park with the children every few days can keep sanity in check. Grocery runs do not count!

Volunteering at your children’s schools
Even volunteering once a week, month or for field trips that come up can get you out of the house and help you meet other people. This can also serve as a great way to show your children how much you want to be involved in their lives, and for good causes. After all, if the business is yours, a “boss” won’t be able to say you can’t take off two hours every Tuesday to lend a hand at a school.

Join A Moms Group & learn new things
This is a great way to get out of the house and spend some time with your little one away from your new “office.” When your join a mothers group, you’ll be able to meet new people and feed your need for conversation. At the same time, you’ll give your child much-needed interaction. Many mothers groups offer a full schedule of activities that you can pick and choose from. Some even offer nighttime events to get you out of the house with just the girls. You’ll meet people to learn from too.

Set Client Meetings Out Of The House
If you’ll be selling, working as a consultant or doing anything that can get you out of the house, take advantage of the time at least once in a while. Maybe a routine to Starbucks every Tue and Thu morning, to check your schedule for the week, and update goals. Although the plan is to work at home as much as possible, going out several times a week isn’t a bad thing. In fact, can and will be good for you and your family both. A little change of scenery and new faces never hurt anyone!

Join Networking Groups
Take the time to join networking groups, your local chamber of commerce or other business organizations. Do this and you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you enjoy some adult interaction, but you can also boost your business at the same time. Check out your local chamber of commerce.

Go To Meetings
If you will be telecommuting or even working as a consultant; make a point of attending meetings in person once in a while. This will get you out and about and give you some time to recharge your batteries among other working adults.

Keep In Touch With Friends
Rely on the same old support network you’ve had for ages to keep you going when you work at home. Call on your friends for girls’ nights out, fun lunches or movies on the weekends. Just because you now work at home, doesn’t mean you can’t get out of the house. Keep a balance.

Plan Date Nights
Make the time to get out with your spouse or partner. One night a week or even one night a month staked out for working on couple time can be a much-needed change of pace. Plus, this can help keep your relationship fresh and strong. You can make it simple too, don’t worry about making it a “big deal”.

Enjoy A Hobby
Get out of the house on your own by pursuing a hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Take a class, learn to play tennis, just do something that sounds interesting to you on a personal level. Volunteering can also be an excellent way to get out and do something enjoyable. Even an hour a week driving meals to the elderly can have a big impact on your psyche. Keep in mind that doing nothing but working and taking care of your family will burn you out fast. You have to have something that’s all your own, too. Even if it’s one hour a month doing something you love, do it.

Making the choice to work at home can be an excellent one. To make sure the move is right for you, however, do take the time to examine the ups and downs carefully and answer questions about yourself and your situation honestly. Don’t worry that working at home will turn you into an isolationist. You can overcome this obstacle fairly easy by following some simple steps. Plan for it, stick to it.


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