Learn how to create professional videos for FREE

Today’s world loves and craves rich media and quality content.

Entertainment and education both are important to our lives, online and off. However, if you are a small business owner, creating content can be as hard as waking up to a jarring alarm clock (soothing sounds from an iPhone doesn’t help!)… you are a bit confused, shocked and feel like placing the cover over your head, you’re caught off-guard.

But, creating content for your business can be made easy. Especially if you know how to leverage technology and what you already have – your business knowledge and experience. You can do this efficiently yourself, or even get your assistant or family member to help you.

The idea is to start simple, test it out, and make modifications as you go. Plan-Do-Review-Modify will work in your favor.

Where to start?

Begin with the 16 resources to help make videos quickly from existing photos, powerpoints, audios, etc. You already have them in your digital inventory. Now, just get to work.

This list is not shown in order of precedence. Check them out, and start with one or two that fits your bill.

  1. https://www.adobe.com/products/premiereexpress – Adobe is a recognized brand, and I’m sure you already have the PDF viewer on your machine
  2. https://animoto.com – free and paid versions are available and ready for you now
  3. https://www.capzles.com – interesting service that you should try
  4. https://flixtime.com – pictures into videos in just minutes
  5. https://jaycut.com – this is a great tool I’ve used many times – it feels more “professional” (now part of Research in Motion – Blackberry makers)
  6. https://www.masher.com – mix, mash, publish – great for social media and Facebook too
  7. https://www.muvee.com/en – professional software for the more advanced user
  8. https://www.onetruemedia.com – perfect for the beginner
  9. https://www.smilebox.com – post, print and email videos, pictures – popular among beginners
  10. https://www.stroome.com – upload your own, or re-mix other videos for your own use
  11. https://studio.stupeflix.com – photos, videos, music – create videos fast
  12. https://www.videospin.com/Redesign – create and edit videos fast – and upload to YouTube
  13. https://photopeach.com – instant animated slide shows for beginners, educators and more
  14. https://www.xtranormal.com – fun videos with animation, voice – create a “viral” video with charicatures
  15. https://memoov.com – new, in development – showing promise
  16. https://www.alaasadik.net/realshow – network and software for developing regions, particularly Arab nations
This is a good list to start with for your video creation. You don’t have to be a Hollywood producer either. Often, just uploading pictures and mixing music will give you instant, and great results. People will be amazed by your videos and editing skills. Your real secret is that you have this list to choose from.
Please share any videos that you create by posting in my blog. 


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