With the new rollout of the Google “+1” button (selected stories here, here & here).

And, since you may not have seen it from your location or browser, you can specifically sign up here.

You’ll need a public Google profile. Then, you’ll see it.

If you want to join the discussion among professionals and others in the SEM space, chime in here.

There is new (not actually new) discussions about SEO is dead because of the new Google +1 button.  Often written by folks who don’t “get” SEO, and also some that find it to be great ‘link-bait’ – they couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, the social signals can impact results in terms of more ‘signals’ gathered for the search engines and Google to consider. However, good quality content sits as a cornerstone to all that we do. And, ensuring that you leverage across multiple channels and networks is ongoing. Now social is going to get more important. But, if you can fake the web, you got it made. Problem is, users and search engines will hate you. (#winning?)

And, it’s a huge web. A single button cannot, and will not rule the web. And, it will have different impact for different people, industries and marketing channels. (See what is being considered for paid search).

Clearly, spam is massive, and Google deals with this beast every minute of every day. Hackers and spammers will definitely figure out ways to abuse the +1 signal to elevate listings and their messages overall.

Time will tell on its impact and widespread use. The ‘old’ Google Buzz never pulled out of the gate, and is now forever bookmarked in quicksand. Finally, this new social reference indicactor is not like a Facebook ‘like’ button. Make sure to read the references in this post to understand the differences.

What do you think?


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