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In my business, I get questions about Facebook – a lot.

From how to start a Facebook page, customization options, tabs configurations, images and videos, HTML (FBML) – or just setting up a simple profile.  And, I get questions about “why bother in the first place”. The last one is easier. 500 million users on Facebook, and growing fast, 2nd largest website in the world as per Alexa.com (after Google), and you got an amazingly powerful platform – that likely your competitors are on. Nuff said on that one.

However, there needs to be a plan, a strategy to follow for a Facebook launch for your business.  Question: what are some of the things to look out for and how can I create a guide for me & my team to follow?

Read on, and you’ll get a free downloadable PDF guide too.

Here are some tips to consider for your Facebook strategy development and startup journey.

Facebook posting strategy

How often will you post? Will you tie posts in with your blog? (do you have one)? Decide on a time per day, if you can. Your blog may be updated first, then the FB page. Try to post something every day, and ask questions too.  Plan out your week with an editorial type approach. (Tip: if using WordPress for your blog, there is a calendar plug in you can use)

Facebook engagement strategy

This may be more ‘ad-hoc’ approach, not as strategic – but a natural, comfortable way for you to reach back out. Make it a rule to connect back quickly, or as you can.  Enjoy the process, it’s not meant to be a bore. Make it fun, and say “thanks for stopping by”. They took the time, you should too.

Facebook content strategy

Decide on what content to post. Build it out out for a longer term. Some of my friends in the industry will have a 3 month calendar built out, with flexibilities built in. Top level, it speaks to:

  • what content to post
  • references to other expert websites and blogs you can extract from
  • what angles or direction your posts will take
  • what promotional items you will include

Facebook reputation management strategy

Your fans will include folks that may not truly be your friends. They have their own agendas, and you need to manage them. That will include removal of inappropriate, and non-related posts. It’s ok to remove, and it’s not disrespectful. If they feel offended, you can connect directly with them. You can even pick up the phone, if it gets “heavy”.

These are just some top level items to consider.

Download the SocialMediaExaminer’s example “Facebook Editorial Guide” (PDF, 2010).

And, visit the awesome Amy Porterfield’s website and watch the Facebook Checklist Video.

What’s been your biggest challenge in setting up Facebook? And, is it working for your business?


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