Do you run your business on Facebook or Google? In this guest post, Mr. Cooper Elling breaks down his personal Facebook story, and why you ought to consider Facebook today.

Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for business.

Now that everyone seems to be on Facebook, your business can use it to connect with, well, almost everyone.

Many people use the social networking site to create an active forum for users, and as another tool for brand or service awareness.

But, what about actually running your business almost entirely with Facebook?

Here’s a Real Example:

A close friend of mine is a big time lacrosse fanatic and recognized the lack of a lacrosse video game on the marketplace.

He contacted developers and now oversees the production of his videos games, trying to make them better and better with a small budget compared to the big time players in the video game world. The game currently sells via X-Box live, so the game is purchased over the Internet and to promote the game he started a Facebook page. In no time, his page blew up!

He put in a decent amount of ad money, however not very much for the action it generated, and the lacrosse market was apparently very excited about a video game because in a matter of 2 years he has accumulated almost 200,000 fans.

What Else?

He has a website, but it plays a limited role. The business is almost entirely run via the Facebook page. This is where he does product updates, new game announcements, hints, tips, giveaways, etc. The page has become an active forum for lacrosse banter of all types and every time he posts you see a barrage of comments and “thumbs up’s!”

Why Facebook?

Why not? Instead of paying for expensive clicks and putting money into Google Adwords, why not pump that into gaining Facebook fans instead? That way, you’ve actually captured and are still connected with a potential customer for your marketing dollars. If they click on your website once, they might forget about you, but on Facebook they are reminded of who you are and what you offer.

What are the Facebook success tips?

  1. It really helps to have a fresh idea that people are really into. It’s got to be cool, hip, fresh; whatever you want to call it. Your small insurance business may have a hard time generating fans and if you do have a “boring” business, make it exciting!
  2. People love giveaways. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple product, giveaways work. Get people to like your page for a chance to win something and your results will multiply.
  3. Don’t over spam, but be very active. People will start to block you out if you over post. You should respond to peoples’ comments to your hearts content. People love immediate feedback and love when you’re all over your Facebook page answering questions, that’s excellent customer service. However, remember that when you post a comment to your wall versus respond to a comment, everyone will see it, don’t get carried away.
  4. Mess around with your ad campaigns. A different picture may totally alter your results as well as the ad copy. Don’t just assume that whatever you’re doing now is as good as it will get, as with everything in marketing, keep trying new things.

Wrapping it Up

Depending on what you do, you can run your business almost entirely with your Facebook pages.

It’s an excellent tool for market research, customer interaction and advertising. You can create instant buzz and have a lot of your marketing dollars focusing on one successful tool. If one person can generate 200,000 fans for their business with a limited budget, enough said.

About the Author (guest post):
Cooper Elling is passionate about business, fitness & blogging. When he’s not working online selling hacky sacks, he writes about SmartLipo, cooking and a myriad of other topics. He’s also active with Sono Bello on Twitter and Sono Bello on Facebook.


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