Retro Video Tools For iPhone & Blogging

A powerful toolset for any blogger or journalist building a presence and following online must include techno-gadgets. In his/her toolbelt, the iPhone is standard.

The iPhone Application Directory has hundreds of thousands of apps, and many are free. When it comes to video tools and apps, Instagram has proven itself many times over, and is a popular download.

The inventors idea was simple: make an app that matches the old, vintage cameras of yester-year.

The idea is to create different effects that stand out, tell a story – made simple – with a click and a few dials on your mobile device. The retro effect is one that stands out.

But, there are many more tools to help the amateur and professional alike. Let’s review.

Taking pictures is both an art and a science. But, with these apps, you will automatically get an ‘artists’ rendering of what might normally be considered ‘boring’.

Here are video tools to create retro filters and much more for the iPhone/iPad/Android:

1. Super 8 iPhone App ($1.00)

Lots of bells and whistles that act its part from the same era its associated with. The 1970’s are back!

2. 8mm Vintage Camera ($2.00)

This has a wider range of options and less user interface tricks.You can easily create pink, yellow and blue-green washes. It even has a 1920’s filter. The first two on this list are the oldest on the list.

3. Videocam Illusion Pro ($2.00)

Decent selection of filters, but not as retro-convincing as the other two. Android version.

4. Filmic Pro ($4.00 for iOS)

Incredible image controls, and optimizing the exposure and focus easily. For editing these videos, the last on the list is a good choice:

5. Avid Studio for iPad ($5.00)

Imported clips can be dragged into sequence and trimmed with a tap, and has greater flexibility for importing multiple audio tracks. Something the iMovie app has issues with.

Here’s a video app plan that you can follow for a final video edited product:

STEP 1) Capture videos with Filmic Pro (attach your iPhone to the Fostex AR-4i, and the Mophie Powerstation Mini for addt’l power)

STEP 2) Run the footage through the 8mm Vintage Camera app

STEP 3) In the end, trim and splice your clips together in Avid Studio along with whatever music you please.

This is a great system for retro videos and for your blogging and sharing in the social media world.


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