Local meetups are great, have you tried it lately?

Whether they utilize social media for business, for news and events or simply in order to keep in touch with friends, family and favorite people, web surfers are spending more and more time on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The power of social media, no matter the point of view of usage, is undeniable.

Interesting in upping your social media game?

Marketers and socialites all of types and varieties can find like-minded company and endless creative ideas for work and play by attending any one of these five local meetups for social media enthusiasts:

1. NetParty Chicago

Residents of the Windy City are invited to attend social parties organized by one of the most well-known social networking groups in the United States: NetParty. These events, typically hosted bi-monthly, bring together professionals young and old from around Chicago at some of the hippest venues the city has to offer for drinks, relaxation and social media chatter.

Events range from purely business to purely social and you can attend any one or all of them as desired, giving any potential attendee the ability to focus on meetups that suit their personality and business interests, learning about the many uses of social media and making friends at the same time.

When and Where: NetParty Chicago meetups are held in different venues around the city of Chicago, Illinois, typically six to eight times per year. Lodging is via Chicagohotels.org

2. Sprout Up Toronto

Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s biggest city and a hotbed of technological activity, making it the home of many thousands of online professionals and social media enthusiasts. Those in the Toronto area wanting to hone their social media and marketing skills are invited to attend a monthly meetup of Sprout Up Toronto, a place for anyone and everyone to get together in a fun, social atmosphere while discussing the latest trends, startups and networking news.

Whether your goal is to become a better marketer, build your contact list or simply to relax in a familiar setting following a hard day of work, Sprout Up offers just the venue you need.

When and Where: Sprout Up meetups are held on a monthly basis in the city of Toronto, Canada, with most events taking place in the downtown core with the buzz of professional life all around. Pick your hotel here.

3. Hacks and Hackers

A big part of creating content for the web revolves around simple words and the respective worlds of journalists and web developers are quickly crashing together as the technological landscape around us continues to evolve. With that collision in mind, the Hacks and Hackers social group of New York brings together people of all different backgrounds where web development is concerned, focusing on the unique implementation of words, code and social efforts that are required to make a blogger or product successful online.

When and Where: Hacks and Hackers meetups take place about once per month in different New York City locations with each event focusing on a particular theme and allowing the conversation and inspiration to flow freely from there.

4. Internet Masterminds

Internet Masterminds is a non-profit group of web entrepreneurs and social media specialists who get together on a very regular weekly basis in Vancouver, Canada in order to discuss the latest industry news and issues, showing off portfolios and meeting new potential business partners and customers. With a small $5 fee required at the door, this group has taken it upon itself to secure a regular meeting place with amenities like furniture and food for its members, making this a great place to not only learn, but to relax as well.

When and Where: Internet Masterminds meetings take place each Monday evening at 7 PM at 1633 West 2nd Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

5. Online Marketing Network of London

Whether you’re an online marketer, a public relations professional or simply a social media savvy blogger, the meetups of the Online Marketing Network are a great place to be for London-area web heads.

When and Where: Online Marketing Network meetups take place at various locations in and around London, England, depending on the meeting’s theme, about once per month.

Annie is one of the bloggers behind Manifest Connection. You can follow her tweets at @ViralMomTweets


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