Authors! Self Publish!

If writing, publishing and producing content is your passion, you’ve got it made. And, especially in the 21st century.

There are so many tools and strategies you can employ to make it happen. I’ll share some of the critical self-publishing tools here.

Amazon itself is a very well known brand, and since the advent of the Kindle e-reader, millions are not only accessing electronic content, but viewing and reading it via their Kindle product, as well as the cloud reader.

However, Amazon is not the only game in town, there are many ways to get your book made public, and in formats that the industry recognizes.

You CAN become a best selling author (15,000 sold on AMAZON for example) by doing it yourself. You can even use out of print books, novels and “refresh” them for public consumption and delight.

Pretty amazing how far we’ve gotten, huh? Please see what tools you can use next.

First, you should consider reading up on the market and the space in general. Here are some resources to start with:

  • Amazon – visit – to learn how to format and upload books for sales to the Kindle device and apps – and how to get on-demand paperback versions of self-published books.
  • Barnes and Noble – visit – and learn how to convert Word doc files to the epub format and find out how you can upload them directly to the B&N Nook’s bookstore.
  • Apple – The App Store for Apple Mac computers, visit iBooks Author, a Free App that you can user pre-designed templates to create books for iPad using text, images, video and audio.

After you have reviewed these, consider power tools to drill down even further – paid options, with FREE demos in several cases.

This list will make your book publishing on e-readers and the Kindle easy as pie:

  1. Book Country
  2. Lulu
  3. Folium Book Studio
  4. Publish Green
  5. BookBaby

And, if you want to create a limited set of actual hard-copy or soft-copy books visit 48 hours books – if you need them fast. High quality soft-cover in 2 days is pretty amazing, including 25 free books when you order 100 or more.

Now, you need to promote your book.

TIP: Consider selling your book for .99c and sell 15,000 of them to your friends, networks, family and neighbors. You’ll be a best-selling author in no-time. You can use that as leverage in your marketing materials and positioning statements. It works to build more credibility, trust and engagement.


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