twitter-usage-business-loveUsing Twitter to promote your business is a great way to get more traffic in the door to purchase your products and / or services.

There are many different ways that you can use Twitter for business connection-building, engagement and promotions that will make using Twitter one of your favorite platforms.

Even if you’ve been using Twitter for a while without results, you can start anew today with these 6 ¬†easy ways to use Twitter for your business.

1. Create lists

Twitter allows you to make lists to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything others are saying. Grouping important people and businesses together makes your Twitter experience more streamlined. Create lists for customers, movers and shakers, organizations and others. In marketing this is called segmentation. By segmenting you’ll be assured to cover every segment at least once a week by physically looking at the Tweets of each segment.

2. Don’t forget your profile picture

This is an opportunity for you to brand yourself on Twitter. If you use your logo it will need to be re-sized to fit the square allowed, but it is highly recommended that you use a head-shot instead. People like talking to other people, not businesses and a logo will be a turn off for some. You have plenty of other opportunities to use your logo in your header or background. In the head-shot make sure that it shows your actual face, hiding behind a hat, glasses or other tricks does not promote trust.

3. Write an awesome bio

Twitter gives you a nice way to tell your story in a few words. It’s important that you quickly tell people what you can do for them in a way that makes them want to connect with you. Take a look at how the profile looks to others, and ask other people’s opinions to ensure that it says what you want it to say, at a glance without clicking to see more.

4. Forget bots

You probably already know this, but many Twitter users simply use automation for every aspect of their Twitter account. Auto follow, auto blog tweets, and more. This is not a good idea. Some automation is okay but be careful. It’s important that a real person actually interacts with other real people for Twitter to be effective as a marketing tool. At its best, social media is a conversation you are having with your potential and current customers. You can’t have a one way conversation.

5. Promote your Twitter channel

If no one knows you have Twitter set up and going, you won’t get very many followers or at least the followers you want. Promote your Twitter via your email, your blog, your website, at your business location, in advertisements, email, business cards, invoices, letter head, and any other way that you can. The more you promote it, and the more relevant followers you get, the more useful your Twitter account will become. TIP: Don’t spam.

6. ADVANCED: Use Twitter power tools

Once you are comfortable with the interface and the options, don’t spend time with the default web interface. Load up Twitter Powertools like BufferApp, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. These will enable you and your staff to become much more productive and get better visibility via dashboards. It will also help you streamline your postings, interaction, and even pre-schedule posts for each day of the business week. Plus, those cool apps exist for your mobile devices too.

(BIG Tip: you should test and see when you get the best/highest responses, and get a free “time of day” report and much more from SimplyMeasured. (They have a free trial).)

By employing these ways to use Twitter for your business you can get on the right track of using this powerful marketing tool to its utmost usefulness.

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