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As referenced in my blog post about PPC Boost Ideas, Google is still the top dog when it comes to online advertising.

However, there are a number of compelling reasons why Facebook is an avenue to explore for you. With over 500 million users, a potentially huge traffic and visibility generator, you would be a fool not to take a look.  The truth is, Facebook might just turn out to be the challenger that bites the big dog’s nose off.

1. Lack of Competition (but act now…)

Google is an extremely competitive arena that some advertisers no longer have the means to compete in. Facebook has an advertising base that is just a fraction of Google’s at this time. While this will not remain so, the timing is perfect for advertisers to check into Facebook’s potential. Have you seen the Facebook Ad systems yet?

2. (Much) Lower Costs

Because Google is so competitive and the volume of ads is so high, it can cost advertisers a fair amount per bid to see results. Facebook advertisers can pay pennies and still gain a tremendous amount of traffic for their efforts. Traffic is also only part of the game. See next:

3. A Targeting Monster

Google offers targeting as you’ve seen. It doesn’t, however, enable advertisers to drill down into a user base that is 500+ million strong, and with almost surgical targeting/precision. The ability to target on Facebook is much more well-rounded and can truly help advertisers reach the audience they are after. For example, just for fun – you could target an individual that works at a company you choose, and offer an ad on their most important day: his/her birthday!

4. Massive Exposure Potential & Brand Visibility

Facebook technically has more page views a month that even Google, first surpassed during the Holidays in late 2009. This means the potential for exposure is very high.

5. Easy Advertising Options for the Beginner

Facebook does not use the hard-to-follow and always changing updates (read: “Google slaps“) for ad placement that Google does. Thanks to this, advertising efforts aren’t likely to go out of the window at a moment’s notice like they can on Google.

6. Socially Yours

Google is a search engine. Facebook is a community-based social networking site. User intent is different, but both have immense value. Don’t forget search.

But, Facebook advertisers can have a solid framework and ability to reach out and connect with their customers on a much more personal level. The spinoff benefits from this difference alone can be amazing. Google just won’t give advertisers the ability to enjoy a running conversation with their followers.

Google might still be the first venue people turn to when they need to advertise online, but it’s no longer the only game in town. Facebook provides a number of benefits that search engines cannot compete with. This site enables advertisers to truly reach the demographics they are after and enjoy the benefits of highly targeted ad placement. In addition, the social networking aspect delivers an incredible spinoff benefit that can drive more business in an advertiser’s direction.

I have seen much success for my clients using Facebook advertising. But, it’s still “online marketing” – and you need solid products, services and a killer, sequenced marketing system to win. It’s not just about the tools, as you hopefully know by now.

SO – What has been your experience with Facebook Ads?


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