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HTML (hypertext markup language) is the technical language of the web.

There have been different versions of this since its inception, but simply stated: it’s a tags and scripts system that speaks to your web browser.

This way, images, text and objects you place and position within tables, margins or stylesheets, render nicely onto your screen.

FBML (facebook markup language) is a similar version for the Facebook platform.

It’s a custom application that makes it easy to control your objects in a fan page. However, if you are not a professional web designer or developer, these “languages” can be the obstacle between you and your customers.

Here are top facebook fan page tools you can use to help you. Learn how to make a fan page:

These are products that you can try to help building business fan pages for Facebook and your company:

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How are you approaching building fan pages for Facebook? Are you hiring a designer, developer? Are you doing it yourself?

What’s been your best option?

This is a great way to learn how to build a social networking site. The power of 500 million + users on Facebook .


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