Did you know that Google is competing for your business with a broader set of user services? You probably already know about Google Apps (video), but don’t stop there. Get Google’s newly released search technology for small business!

Let’s rewind briefly. Google has been in the marketplace with the Google Mini, a powerful search appliance/server with their onboard search technology.  But, the price tag is too high for most smaller companies and has additional hardware and infrastructure overhead.

Good news: This week Google announced the “Custom Search Business Edition” of their search technology, with a price tag of only 100 bucks for up to 5,000 pages (other pricing models exist).  You can be up and running within the hour, and with no hosting nightmares or additional, hidden costs. The Google Co-Op program requires a Google account, but it’s easy to sign up and you probably already have an email account with them.

“Millions of businesses have a web presence but offer users no ability to search their site,” said Dave Girouard, vice president and general manager, Google Enterprise.

Dave and his team are listening to the marketplace, and now – instead of complex hardware setup and server config troubles, you only apply a simple HTML code structure to your website and tell the system to run the searchbox on your site, and include partner sites if you want to.

Features – Benefits

  • Ad-free search results – create a non-commercial search system
  • Customize your look and feel through a simple web interface – logo, colors, fonts
  • XML feed of search results – for more advanced fit into existing design
  • Categorization of search results – to “tag” keywords to support themes
  • Custom links for subscribers – for special promotions or events
  • Reporting – discover what people are searching for and how often, user behaviors
  • Multiple languages – where text is reflected in the langugage configuration setup
  • Competitive pricing!

To see a quick introductory overview, check this video.

See https://www.google.com/enterprise/csbe/ for more information, and to sign up.


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