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You have doubtlessly heard of, and even used Twitter by now, it is one of the greatest buzzes of our lifetime!

Twitter is one of the top social places where people, friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities and fans get to “follow” each other and catch up on chatter, updates and can join the conversation too.

Another great benefit of Twitter is that business people get to interact with their prospective and current clients and customers. It is one of the more popular marketing avenues.

Like anything popular online, it gets abused.

What determines a (legit) marketer versus a spammer on Twitter?

Yes, it’s amazing! As much as many people and businesses have benefited from interactions through Twitter, the place also has its share of party spoilers, namely spammers. I am certain that you would not want someone repeatedly posting or sending you messages of items you have no interest in or have not even heard of, this is why you have to know how to tell the difference between a spammer and a genuine marketer.

Marketers are selective whom they broadcast to; spammers don’t care who the tweets go to

The relevance of information is what makes marketing what it is. Sending the right kind of promotional messages to the wrong people or sending the wrong message to the right people amounts to spamming. A spammer will always tweet without follow up and in most cases you will have no idea what product they are marketing or even use a language you do not understand. And, you want a natural occurrence as well. (sounds a bit like SEO, doesn’t it!?)

Marketers communicate WITH you; spammers communicate TO you

A good marketer determines the important information that you are interested in and makes friendly offers while gauging responses from the target audience. His tweets will have replies and counter-replies, retweets, a good number of links clicked, hashtags – includes an overall “resonance”, or “score”. There will be a two-way communication that is easy to follow. Spammers communicate one way without caring or even expecting replies to their tweets, and typically auto-send you an affiliate link.

Marketers promote products in moderation; spammers are relentless

A spammer will be firing messages at you relentlessly while a good marketer will know what is too much, what is the right time and what is the right message to tweet.   A good Twitter marketer will also inform you occasionally on matters that will improve your understanding of their businesses, websites and products without asking you to buy.  News is as good as advertisements, as they say, it is the small things that matter.

Twitter is a social site, everyone wants to feel free and not get bothered by tweets that will never be of benefit to them.  This is why it is important for you to know how to be a good Twitter marketer without being a spammer – and your Twitter campaign will be a success.

What do you think? Where do you draw the line? And, what is the worst offence you have seen of this?


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